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Leadership for Organizations

Leadership for Organizations

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March 2019 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The need to develop better business leaders has never been greater. Leadership for Organizations provides a brief overview of leadership at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Authors David A. Waldman and Charles O’Reilly expertly cover the foundational leadership approaches with a special emphasis on contemporary issues as well as visionary and strategic leadership. The text is accompanied by more than 40 video cases from Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Leadership in Focus video collection. Students learn through role-modeling as they watch real-world leaders, ranging from first-time managers to CEOs, share stories of their leadership challenges and successes.

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About the Authors
CHAPTER 1. Introduction
Defining Organizational Leadership  
Some Important Introductory Questions  
Approach and Organization of This Book  
CHAPTER 2. Leader Traits and Characteristics
Leader Traits  
Leader Behavior Styles  
Video Case 2.1: Recovering From Failure  
Video Case 2.2: Field of Dreams  
Video Case 2.3: Bare Power of Humor  
CHAPTER 3. Leader-Member Exchange and Relationship-Building
Leader-Member Exchange  
Political Savvy  
Video Case 3.1: First-Time Manager  
Video Case 3.2: Dealing With a Star  
Video Case 3.3: Reaching Generation Y  
CHAPTER 4. Followership: Managing Up and Sideways
Types of Followers  
Managing Up  
Managing Sideways  
Video Case 4.1: Managing Up  
Video Case 4.2: Managing Your Boss  
Video Case 4.3: Positioning for Influence  
Video Case 4.4: Igniting Collaboration  
CHAPTER 5. The Situational Approach to Leadership
Path-Goal Leadership  
Hersey/Blanchard Approach to Decision-Making Based on the Situation  
Vroom/Jago Approach to Decision-Making Based on the Situation  
Putting Situational Approaches to Leadership in Perspective  
Video Case 5.1: Technical Prima Donna  
Video Case 5.2: Unmotivated Subordinate  
Appendix: Cases in Leader Decision-Making  
CHAPTER 6. Ethical and Moral Leadership
The Ethical/Moral Person  
Actions as a Leader  
Responsible and Accountable Leadership  
Additional Considerations of Ethical/Moral Leadership: Some Nagging Questions  
Video Case 6.1: Walking the Line  
Video Case 6.2: Sharing Bad News  
Video Case 6.3: Making Exceptions  
Video Case 6.4: Abusive Partner  
Video Case 6.5: Paying Bribes  
Video Case 6.6: Vision, Values, and Culture  
Appendix A: Behavioral Norms and Values Survey  
Appendix B: Information Sharing (or Not Sharing at Harmony Inc  
CHAPTER 7. Seeking, Receiving, and Giving Feedback
Seeking and Receiving Feedback as a Leader  
Giving Feedback as a Leader  
Video Case 7.1: Learning From a Mistake  
Video Case 7.2: Giving Feedback  
Video Case 7.3: Coaching a Direct Report  
Appendix: Feedback Orientation Survey  
CHAPTER 8. Team and Shared Leadership
Key Elements of Team-Oriented Coaching and Leadership  
Leadership and the Stages of Team Development  
Shared Leadership  
Leading Virtual Teams  
Video Case 8.1: Taking on a Struggling Team  
Video Case 8.2: Castaway Clinic  
Video Case 8.3: Underperforming Team  
CHAPTER 9. Men and Women in Leadership Roles
Challenges for Women Who Attempt to Lead  
Challenges for Male Leaders in an Increasingly Diverse Environment  
Video Case 9.1: Power Challenge  
Video Case 9.2: Gender Stereotypes  
Video Case 9.3: Pecking Order Games  
Video Case 9.4: Navigating in an Alpha World  
Capstone Video 9.5: Developing Behaviors to Thrive  
Capstone Video 9.6: Advantages of Being a Woman  
Appendix: Inclusive Mindset  
CHAPTER 10. Global Leadership
Who Are Global Leaders?  
Understanding the American Cultural and Business Context  
Global Leadership Orientation  
Avoiding Misinterpretations  
Video Case 10.1: Managing Cultural Diversity  
Video Case 10.2: Building Bonds  
Video Case 10.3: Leading a Global Team  
Appendix: Global Orientation Survey  
CHAPTER 11. Inspirational and Visionary Leadership
The Connection between Bases of Power and Influence  
Charismatic and Transformational Leadership  
Mission as a Basis for Vision  
Effective Leader Vision  
Capstone Video 11.1: Building Trust  
Video Case 11.2: Keeping People Humble  
Video Case 11.3: How Do You Keep That Edge?  
CHAPTER 12. Strategic Leadership and Shaping Organizational Culture
Environmental Context, Competitive Advantage, and Organizational Culture  
What Is Organizational Culture All About?  
Aligning Culture With Vision, Mission, and Strategy  
How Do Leaders Create and Reinforce Culture?  
Video Case 12.1: Culture, Priorities, and Acquisitions  
Video Case 12.2: Building Cultural Accountability  
Video Case 12.3: Hiring Mistake  
CHAPTER 13. Generating Organizational Change Through Strategic Leadership
Why the Leading of Change Has Become So Important  
Four Basic Frames of Organizational Change  
The Role of the Leader in Change  
Capstone Video 13.1: Bare Power of Story  
Video Case 13.2: Resistance to Change  
Capstone Video 13.3: Getting Buy-In  
Video Case 13.4: Gaining Commitment  
Appendix: Sixteen Years of Leadership and Organizational Change: The Case of Michael Crow and Arizona State University  
Appendix Exhibit 1: ASU Vision and University Goals  
Appendix Exhibit 2: Crow’s Vision for ASU: Elements, Accomplishments and Challenges or Setbacks  
Appendix Exhibit 3: Crow’s Leadership Approach  


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Sample Materials & Chapters

6. Ethical and Moral Leadership

9. Men and Women in Leadership Roles

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