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Leadership and Leading Teams in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Leadership and Leading Teams in the Lifelong Learning Sector

March 2007 | 144 pages | Learning Matters
This book contains guidance, support and training materials for those in leadership roles throughout the Lifelong Learning sector. Addressing key aspects of the occupational standards for Leadership and Management in FE, it examines the role and purpose of leadership through the use of lively case-studies and by presenting current, useful theory in an accessible way. It explains and evaluates leadership styles, giving practical advice and encouraging the reader to analyse their own leadership practice. In addition, it looks at how leaders – at every level – can contribute towards transforming their organisation.
Are leaders born or made?
Connecting with people
Instinct for opportunity
Telling a compelling story
Developing self and teams 1: Reflective leadership
Developing self and teams 2: Creating capability
Making things happen
Staying positive
Flexibility in leading change
Joined-up leadership
Appendix: Winterhill College organisation chart
References and further reading

"A very useful book - with some excellent sections which will stimulate student understanding and general debate"(Senior Lecturer, University of Wales, Newport)

clear and concise context and index. easy to read and essential reading in Lifelong learning sectors.

Miss Deborah Young
Work Ready People, hit
January 6, 2015

A great introduction to the leadership of teams. Each section provides a relevence of theory to practice making it contextually relevent

Miss Nyree Kendall
Dept of Health & Social Studies, Bolton University
November 7, 2013

An excellent book with a great of practical real life examples. It cuts through to the detail and makes recommended reading.

Mr Chris Briggs
Teac, South Essex College
November 2, 2012

A simple text for first time teachers in the LSS sector.

Dr Jane Jackson
Education (Milton Keynes), The Open University
June 7, 2012

Clearly organised text, useful advice for students who are looking to move into senior roles within their organisation

Miss Caroline Lewis
Swansea School of Education, Swansea Metropolitan University
April 10, 2012

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ISBN: 9781844450831