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Key Concepts in Public Health

Key Concepts in Public Health

Edited by:

November 2008 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"This is a very good text for undergraduate students as it gives a broad overview of the concept of public health, utilising case studies to illustrate practical application. This book would be also be an excellent way for practitioners to increase their own knowledge of public health and could inform their own continuing professional development."

Julie Lemprière, University of Gloucestershire

Key Concepts in Public Health identifies fifty key concepts used across the discipline of public health in order to give the reader a broad perspective of the core topics relevant to training and practice. From epidemiology to health promotion, and ethics to leadership, the book offers an exciting guide to the multiprofessional field.

Each entry features:

- a snapshot definition of the concept

- a broader discussion addressing the main issues and links to practice

- key points relevant to the entry

- case studies to illustrate the application to practice

- examples of further reading.

Highly readable, with clear indexing and cross referencing, this is an ideal book to turn to for learning more about key issues in public health practice and education. The clever structure means the book can be read in its entirety to support a programme of study or readers can use it to dip into and update their knowledge of a particular concept. It meets the validation requirements of all allied health and nursing training programmes and will also be invaluable for policy-makers and healthcare practitioners continuing their professional education.

Nicholas Fulton Phin
Historical Development of Public Health
Fiona Adshead and Allison Thorpe
Modern Public Health
Soumen Sengupta
Determinants of Health
Ann Bryan
Public Health Theories
Nicola Close
Inequalities in Health
Andy Lovell
Sociological Concepts of Public Health
Hamed A Adetunji
Principles of Epidemiology
Mzwandile (Andi) Mabhala and Walid El Ansari
Public Health and Demography
Hamed A. Adetunji
Population and Surveillance
Nicholas Fulton Phin
Public Health Law
Frances Wilson and Kim Greening
Leadership Development for Public Health Practitioners
Allison Thorpe, Rowena Merritt, Clive Blair-Stevens and Jeff French
Social Marketing
Hamed A. Adetunji
Economics of Health
Mzwandile A. Mabhala and Peete Lesiamo
Public Health and Sustainable Development
Mike Horah and Mzwandile (Andi) Mabhala
Health Literacy
Pat Clarke
Public Health and the Media
Graham Holroyd
Local Strategies for Public Health Implementation
Jill McCarthy
Ehics of Public Health
Elizabeth Mason-Whitehead
Social Exclusion and Stigma
Jan Hardy and Tina Barrows
Pat Rose
Assessing Public Health Need
Janine Talley
Planning and Public Health
Elaine Hogard
Evaluating Public Health
Rachel A. Wells
Health Impact Assessment
Nicholas Fulton Phin
Health Protection
Michelle Falconer
Frances Wilson
Public Health and Health Promotion
Mzwandile (Andi) Mabhala
Alan Massey
Disease Prevention
Kim Greening
Public Health and the Natural Environment
Alex G Stewart and Richard Jarvis Walid El Ansari and Pat Deeny
Environmental Impact on Health Emergency and Disaster Planning
Walid El
User Involvement and Influence
Walid El
Collaborative and Partnership Working
Gail Louw
Evidence Based Practice
Mike Thomas
Public Health and Contemporary Health Issues
Hayley Mills, Diane Crone, Walid El
Public Health and Physical Activity
Basma Ellahi
Public Health and Nutrition
Basma Ellahi
Community Food Initiatives
Frances Wilson and Moyra
Commissioning Public Health
David Coyle
Public Health and Mental Health
Dianne Phipps and Sara Bell
Adherence to treatment - a person-centred approach
Jean Mannix and John
Public Health and the Preschool Child
Gabrielle Rabie
Public Health and the Schools Community
Gabrielle Rabie and Irene
Public Health and Young People
Sue Phillips
Public Health and Adults
Walid El Ansari
Student Health
Irene Cooke and Jean
Public Health and the Older Person
Judith Lydon and Scott
Public Health and Homelessness
Alan Massey
Public Health and the Workplace

Feel this does not work as well as other 'key concepts' books - the others I regularly use are Medical Sociology and Critical Social Theory.

It does cover a wide range of areas, but the writing at times is not great, and the use of the case study does not work for me at all - I want more of the key theoretical and literature concepts, not a practical application in a 'key concept' text.
The heading are sometimes odd and some entries called theoretical such as media, sustainable development, law etc are rather practical in nature.
And was not sure that part 2 and part 3 were conceptually that different.
The key points were sometimes obvious trueisms and wer at times very obvious and not helpful and took up space and disrupted the ability to quickly scan the entry.
Overall, left me more confused at times than enlightened in an area I know quite well!

Dr Richard Cooper
ScHARR Library, Sheffield University
February 18, 2013

Currently still deciding on essential reading list as course undergoing changes but definitely recommended

Ms Carolyn Nuttall
Faculty of Health, University of Cumbria
December 17, 2012

A very good little text with basic concepts of public health presented accessibly. This is aided by the use of case examples. I will be recommending it to my students.

Dr Stanley Mutsatsa
Faculty of Health and Social Care (Nursing) Haveri, London South Bank University
November 6, 2012

The book gives very brief outlines on different Public Health topics. It is therefore a good introduction to Public Health issues but lacks details for the purposes of this course.

Miss Jane Phillips
Dept of Nursing,Midwifery & Healthcare, Coventry University
February 13, 2012

This book is ideal for students across all 3 levels of the podiatry programme. Excellent book

Mrs Kerry Livingstone
early years, health and social care, New College Durham
August 8, 2011

Nice book, all the key concepts for health promotion and public health course. It is a great supplement to other more advanced textbooks

Dr Silvana Bettiol
School of Health & Social Care, Oxford Brookes University
June 23, 2011

Clear and helpful introduction to concepts and theories related to public health.

Dr Peter Duncan
Dept of Education & Prof Studies, King's College London
March 29, 2011

I think this book would be helpful, particularly as it relates to UK current policy

Ms Gillian Howatson
School of Nursing & Midwifery, Dundee University
February 10, 2011

I reviewed this text with a view to adopting it as an essential text for a public health course taught to first year medical students. The book is structured in three parts: Theoretical concepts, practical concepts and populations and public health practice. The most useful thing about the text was the way it is structured and the topics covered. In this sense, it is very helpful to tutors looking for ideas on developing a public health course. Some of the case studies serve as good examples to use in teaching.
The main limitation is that there is insufficient detail for it to serve as an essential text. It is a useful supplementary text that can aid revision for exams.

Dr Puja Myles
Epidemiology and Public Health, Nottingham University
November 26, 2010

This book is a comprehensive summary of important concepts and issues in public health. It is a quick reference to global issues affecting and relating to health. I especially appreciate the section on ethics as I feel this in very relevant to public health but not always discussed in the open. The division of theory and practical application makes it easy for the reader to focus on their interest without having to scan though a chapter to look for either theory of application (ideas of how to apply theory).
The book also discusses public health in a variety of settings and this makes it more applicable for all.

Ms Fasloen Adams
Occupational Therapy, University of the Witwatersrand
August 23, 2010

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