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Introduction to Nonprofit Management

Introduction to Nonprofit Management
Text and Cases

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Non-profit Management

March 2012 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The SAGE Text and Cases Series, featuring IVEY Cases is a co-publishing partnership between SAGE Publications and the Richard Ivey School of Business at The University of Western Ontario. Due to their popularity in more than 60 countries, approximately 200 new cases are added to the Ivey School of Business library each year. These affordable collections not only help students connect to real-world situations, but benefit corporations seeking continued education in the field as well. Introduction to Nonprofit Management: Text and Cases is a unique collection of 28 cases from Ivey Publishing. This casebook helps students gain a better understanding of nonprofit management by providing them with a look at the complex issues that leaders of nonprofit organizations must tackle on a regular basis.
1. The Nonprofit Organization in Society
Case 1.1 Mote Aquaculture Park: Sturgeon Project

Case 1.2 Elephant Walk Through

2. Starting the Nonprofit Organization
Case 2.1 Launch of Durra: Women in Islamic Banking

Case 2.2 MIA, Philippines

3. Nonprofit Organization Governance and Structure
3.1 OHNo Swim Club: Organizational Governance and Mission

3.2 YMCA of London, Ontario

4. Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
Case 4.1 Good Intentions Gone Awry at the National Kidney Foundation

Case 4.2 Dickinson College: Inspiration for a Leadership Story

5. Performance Measurement
Case 5.1 Lake Eola Charter School

Case 5.2 Otago Museum

6. Nonprofit Strategy and Change
Case 6.1 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Case 6.2 Health Care Center for the Homeless

7. Nonprofit Capacity and Networks
Case 7.1 Western Area Youth Services

Case 7.2 Rollins College Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership Center

8. Managing the People: Staff and Volunteers
Case 8.1 Alice Saddy: Caring for the Community

Case 8.2 Consultancy Development Organization (CDO)

9. Marketing
Case 9.1 Ten Thousand Villages of Cincinnati

Case 9.2 The Toronto Ultimate Club

10. Obtaining and Maintaining Organizational Momentum
Case 10.1 Ontario Science Center: Agents of Change and Beyond

Case 10.2 Newfoundland Centre for the Arts

11. Financial Management
Case 11.1 Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids

Case 11.2 Kiddyland

12. Advocacy and Lobbying
Case 12.1 AOL Time Warner (A)

Case 12.2 East Coast Trail Association

13. International Perspective
Case 13.1 Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) in Asia

Case 13.2 NASSCOM

14. Social Entrepreneurship
Case 14.1 Competing for Development: Fuel Efficient Stoves for Darfur

Case 14.2 Care Kenya: Making Social Enterprise Sustainable



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“The case book is impressive in that it provides great examples of hard choices being made in nonprofits. Providing real experiences and opportunities leads to real decisions that the students can discuss, with outcomes that may either be successes or failures. I appreciate this immensely.”

Nathan Pelsma
Boston College

"A key strength is the diversity of the cases they have selected. The cases cover a sufficent range of issues faced by nonprofits, regardless of their size, providing students with a practical 'behind the scenes' perspective of nonprofit organizations. All too often we only see the 'public' face and forget the challenges, opportunities, pitfalls and successes these organizations face in everyday operations.”

Jama Rand
Seattle Pacific University

Did not adopt- book had cases!

Professor Gwendolyn Gurily
Management, Marketing, and Public Administration, Bowie State University
September 12, 2020

There were several good chapters that connected the dots between leadership and management in nonprofit organizations.

Ms Bonnie McEwan
Milano School of International Affairs, Mgmt and Policy, New School University
September 5, 2013

Adopted Worth instead.

Dr Karen Froelich
Management and Marketing, North Dakota State University
August 28, 2013

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