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Introduction to Criminology Interactive eBook

Introduction to Criminology Interactive eBook

December 2013 | 1 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This dynamic new Interactive eBook version of Pamela J. Schram and Stephen G. Tibbetts' bestselling text, Introduction to Criminology: Why Do They Do It? is ideal for students in online and traditional courses who prefer a more contemporary, multimedia-integrated presentation for learning. It provides students with integrated links to engaging video and audio as well as access to complete academic and professional articles, all from the same pages found in the printed text. Students will also have immediate access to study tools such as highlighting, bookmarking, note-taking, and more!

We invite you to explore this chapter from the text:
Chapter 12. Developmental/Life-Course Perspectives of Criminality

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Criminology
Chapter 2. Classical School of Criminological Thought
Chapter 3. Contemporary Classical/Deterrence Research
Chapter 4. Early Positivism: Biological and Psychological Theories
Chapter 5. Modern Biosocial Perspectives of Crime
Chapter 6. Psychological/Trait Theories of Crime
Chapter 7. Social Structure Theories of Crime I: Early Development and Strain Models of Crime
Chapter 8. Social Structure Theories of Crime II: Social Disorganization and Subcultures
Chapter 9. Social Process and Control Theories of Crime
Chapter 10. Labeling Theory and Conflict/Marxist/Radical Theories of Crime
Chapter 11. Feminist Theories of Crime
Chapter 12. Developmental/Life-Course Theories of Crime
Chapter 13. White-Collar, Organized Crime, and Cybercrime
Chapter 14. Terrorism, Hate Crimes, and Homeland Security
Chapter 15. Drugs and Crime

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