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Introducing Social Work

Introducing Social Work

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March 2020 | 424 pages | Learning Matters
This practical guide will help students navigate through all core areas of their course by providing them with a comprehensive introduction to contemporary social work. Written by subject experts, including best-selling Transforming Social Work Practice authors, this essential guide will introduce students to key theory and approaches, helping them to develop and build the skills and knowledge that they will need for practice.
Part I: Social Work Theory and Methods
Jo Finch & Jonathan Parker
Chapter 1: The history and context of contemporary social work (including global social work)
Steven Shardlow
Chapter 2: Social work values and ethics
Barbra Teater
Chapter 3: Theories and methods of social work practice
Robert Johns
Chapter 4: Social work and the law
Janet Walker
Chapter 5: Human growth and development in social work
Jonathan Parker
Chapter 6: The social work process: assessment, planning, intervention and review
Part II: Social Work Skills
Prospera Tedam
Chapter 7: Anti-oppressive practice skills
Lucy Rai
Chapter 8: Writing skills for social workers
Jo Rawles
Chapter 9: Critical thinking and reflective practice
Juliet Koprowska
Chapter 10: Communication and interpersonal skills
Allan Norman
Chapter 11: Courtroom skills for social workers
Timothy B. Kelly
Chapter 12: Group work skills
Trish Hafford-Letchfield
Chapter 13: Leadership and management skills in social work
Brian J. Taylor
Chapter 14: Using research in social work
Jo Finch
Chapter 15: Looking after yourself as a social worker
Jonathan Parker
Chapter 16: Creative skills for social workers
Part III: Social Work Interventions in Practice
Nancy Kelly
Chapter 17: Social work and safeguarding children
Melanie Watts & Nick Frost
Chapter 18: Social work with children and young people in need
Deborah Hadwin, Helen Guizani & Gurnam Singh
Chapter 19: Working with unaccompanied refugee minors
Roger Smith & Sean Creaney
Chapter 20: Social work and youth justice
Toby Brandon, Carole Southall & Steve O'Driscoll
Chapter 21: Social work and mental health (children, young people and adults)
Sally Lee
Chapter 22: Social work with disabled children, young people and adults
Emma Evans & Sally Lee
Chapter 23: Social work and learning disability/difficulties (children, young people and adults)
Lucille Allain & Siobhan O'Farrell-Pearce
Chapter 24: Social work practice: fostering and adoption
Kim Robinson
Chapter 25: Social work with refugees and asylum seekers
Orlanda Harvery
Chapter 26: Social work and substance use
Ann Anka
Chapter 27: Social work with older people
Sue Taplin
Chapter 28: Social work at the end of life: death, dying, bereavement and loss
Keith Popple
Chapter 29: Working with communities

An effective introduction to social work, with a clear three-part structure and interactive chapters within it. All chapters contain interesting activities, case studies, reflections on the research and suggested further reading lists which allow the reader to deepen their understanding of individual topics. However, its biggest asset lies in the collaboration of so many professionals whose extensive knowledge, experience and interesting perspectives make this book an excellent starting point in the social work education.

Natalia Phillips & Yohai Hakak
Department of Social Work, Brunel University London
Social Work Education: The International Journal

This is a good introduction for students embarking on a social work career

Miss Meldene Elder
Social Work Department, Havering College of Further and Higher Education
September 6, 2021

A considered and thoughtful approach to the subject.

Mr Robin Griffiths
Health Sciences/Social Work, Cardiff Metropolitan University
June 7, 2021

This book contains an excellent chapter on ethics and values that is very useful for my students. Some of the case studies have proved vital during the pandemic where practical work placement activities have proven difficult for the students.

Mr Andrew Ford
UCBC, Blackburn College
December 18, 2020

I found this a really good go to book for introducing students to the world of social work. It was also easy to read and relate to.

Ms Lisa Garavin
School of Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice, University College Dublin
September 6, 2021

excellent book with useful ideas for additional reading and students notes it is accessible and easy to read.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Health and Social Care at Derby, Derby University
October 16, 2020

Very helpful publication, relevant and updated with current references to research and practice, mapped against PCF which offers additional help for students preparing for placement. It will be certainly added to the reading list for the next academic year!

Mrs Aga M Buckley
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University
June 21, 2021

Good introductory text.

Mrs Teresa Cox
Department of Social Work, Bucks New University
May 7, 2020