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India’s Urban Housing and Poverty

India’s Urban Housing and Poverty
Feasible and Sustainable Housing Development Interventions

  • M. Mahadeva - Professor, Institute of Finance and International Management (IFIM), Bengaluru, India

September 2022 | 276 pages | SAGE India
India is undoubtedly urbanizing, especially since 1991. But many urban families have been facing housing poverty and struggling to access safe drinking water, electricity, sanitation and other basic amenities. India’s Urban Housing and Poverty: Feasible and Sustainable Housing Development Interventions covers the overall situation of the urban settlements, institutional players and public policy changes with a focus on human settlement issues and the problem of a consistently degrading environment. It makes extensive use of relevant data on the concerned issues and analyzes the core issues at macro level. It covers the history of housing development policies and policies for the urban poor since the 1950s.

The book offers recommendations for sustainable and equitable urban growth. It discusses institutional growth in the housing sector, operations in response to the housing needs, development governance and so on. Equal importance for redevelopment of dilapidated stock and development of new housing units, new efforts towards slum improvement, rejuvenating the cooperative housing movement are some of the strategies proposed and discussed extensively.
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List of Abbreviations
Foreword by C. K. Renukarya
Preface and Acknowledgements
India’s Housing Problem and the Housing Market
Urban India: The World of Development Disparities
Housing Finance System and Major Development Contours
Development of Housing Policies for the Urban Poor
Major Development Issues of Contemporary Urbanizing India
Towards a Pragmatic Urban Housing Sector

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