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How to Read and Understand Educational Research

How to Read and Understand Educational Research

March 2020 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

If you’re a teacher or studying education much of what you do is informed by educational research but how do you interpret it effectively? How do you judge whether results are valid or relevant?

This is the perfect guide to engaging with educational research. It explores how to read journal articles critically; what key academic terms really mean; different approaches to educational research, how they are used and what they aim to uncover, and how high quality findings can be meaningful for teaching and learning.

Supported by examples that demonstrate the use (and misuse) of research in education, this is essential reading for initial teacher education students at all levels (BEd, PGCE, School Direct), students on any undergraduate or postgraduate course underpinned by educational research literature and teachers seeking to deepen their professional knowledge.

Part 1: Assessing research
Chapter 1: The hierarchy of research publications
Chapter 2: Where to find good research and how to reference it properly
Chapter 3: Organising your research reading and avoiding bias
Part 2: Analysing research
Chapter 4: Understanding research paradigms
Chapter 5: Research methods - an overview
Chapter 6: How research is written
Part 3: Appreciating and understanding research
Chapter 7: Understanding criticality
Chapter 8: A critical analysis framework
Chapter 9: Putting research into practice

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