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How to Do Your Case Study

How to Do Your Case Study

Second Edition
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November 2015 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Vibrant and insightful, this book introduces students and researchers to the basics of case study research. Adopting jargon-free language, it grounds its advice in concrete experience and real-world cases. Using examples from across the social sciences, Gary Thomas provides practical guidance on how best to read, design and carry out case study research with a focus on how to manage and analyze data.

The new edition of this bestselling book addresses crucial issues around ethics and has improved coverage of key themes such as rigor, validity, generalization and the analysis of case studies. It demystifies case study research and answers important questions such as:

  • What is a case study?
  • When and why should case study methods be used?
  • How are case studies designed?
  • What methods can be used?
  • How do we analyze and make sense of our data?
  • How do we write up and write about our case?

Bursting with real-world examples and multidisciplinary cases, and supported by a dynamic new website, this book is essential reading for any student or researcher in the social sciences and humanities.

Part 1: Getting Your Bearings
Chapter 1: What Is a Case Study?
Chapter 2: Case Study and Research Design
Chapter 3: Models of the Whole
Chapter 4: Ensuring Quality in Your Case Study: What's Important?
Part 2: Getting Down to Doing It
Chapter 5: Kinds of Case Studies: Finding Your Case
Chapter 6: Your Purpose
Chapter 7: Your Approach
Chapter 8: Your Process
Part 3: Getting On With It and Finishing
Chapter 9: Out in the Field: Some Ways to Collect Data and Evidence
Chapter 10: A Toolkit for Analyzing and Thinking
Chapter 11: Writing Your Study
Chapter 12: The Fancy Stuff: Generalization, Induction, Abduction, Phronesis and Theory

Case studies are an important mechanism whereby real world research can be undertaken. This book gives the researcher an insight into the skills required for this type of activity and the methods that can be employed.

Mr adam choonara
Natural Sciences, Middlesex University
December 9, 2015

This serves as a great complement to research methodology material. It gives attention to an often under-utilized method of inquiry. Comfortable writing style with good balance with examples.

Professor Rika Swanzen
Social Science, Monash University
September 30, 2015

I am working with my students on their dissertation and this text has helped those doing case studies.

Mrs Nikki Fairchild
Childhood Studies : Early Years, Chichester University
April 14, 2016

The clarity of the writing, the logic of the thinking and the use of examples and step by step approach without dumbing down research processes is just what is needed for students on our programmes who are often getting to grips with the transition into social science ways of thinking.

Dr Rebecca ORourke
Education , Leeds University
February 17, 2016

An accessible and informative book on case study for both undergraduate and postgraduate education students.

Dr Nicoleta Gaciu
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
April 1, 2016

Very specific for my research methods course. Very relevant to some, not so useful for others

Dr Sean McCusker
Sch of Health,Community & Educ Studies, Northumbria University
December 17, 2015

I will be suggesting this book for the second year of the Diploma instead of the Certificate. It may be more useful to those working on their action research projects.

Mrs Jane Boothman
Education, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College
October 19, 2015

The text is basic enough for undergraduate students to understand and is particularly helpful in explaining what a case study is and isn't. The idea of seeing a holistic picture also goes a long way in explaining the nature of case studies, i.e. "the essence of good science".

Dr Cathrine Madziva
Department of Applied Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
July 20, 2016

This book provides the 101 of case study design in clear language, compelling design, and -- most importantly -- in high pedagogical quality.

Professor Gabriele Vogt
Asian Studies , University of Hamburg
October 29, 2015

A good text for those considering case study research

Ms Deirdre Lawless
School of Computing, Dublin Institute of Technology
December 2, 2015

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