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Holding Back

Holding Back
Restraint, Rarely and Safely (VHS Video + Textbook + Activity Book)

January 1998 | 68 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Section 4 of the 1997 Education Act came into force in April 1998, detailing the requirements for safe restraint of young people. Every school will be required to train staff to comply with the policy.

The video shows the work of Bernard Allen a national expert on de-escalation strategies to manage aggressive and violent conflict and details safe, effective methods of restraining out of control youngsters.

Sonia Phillips, a consultant physiotherapist, advises on all aspects of safety whenever a choice is made to use a physical intervention.

The textbook is a stand-alone product about restraint. For training purposes, the video and participants activity book are essential.

The Development of Training
Problems with Guidance
The Legal Framework
All About Aggression
Reducing the Risk
Crisis Management
The Philosophy of Holding Back
Escape Techniques
Safe & Effective Holding
Basic Approaches
Holding Back a Pupil
Resolving Incidents

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ISBN: 9781873942918