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Higher Education in Federal Countries

Higher Education in Federal Countries
A Comparative Study

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Martin Carnoy - Vida Jacks Professor of Education and Economics, Stanford University, USA
  • Isak Froumin - Professor, Institute of Education, National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Russia
  • Oleg Leshukov - Research Fellow, Laboratory for Universities Development, Institute of Education, National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Russia
  • Simon Marginson - Oxford University, UK

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August 2018 | 504 pages | SAGE India

Higher Education in Federal Countries: A Comparative Study is a unique study of higher education in nine federal countries—the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China and India. In this book, leading international scholars discuss the role of federalism and how it shapes higher education in major nation-state actors on the world stage. The editors develop an overarching comparative analysis of the dynamics of central and regional power in higher education, and the national case studies explain how each federal and federal-like higher education system has evolved and how it functions in what are highly varied contexts.  

The book makes a major contribution to higher education studies and defines a new field of comparative analysis. It also provides important insights into comparative governance and the study of federalism and federal arrangements, with their particular historical, political, legal and economic dimensions.

Simon Marginson and Martin Carnoy
Introduction: Higher Education in Federal Countries
Lising Antonio, Martin Carnoy and C Rose Nelson
The United States of America: Changes and Challenges in a Highly Decentralized System Anthony
Glen A Jones and Christian Noumi
Canada: Provincial Responsibility, Federal Influence, and the Challenge of Coordination
Simon Marginson
Australia: Benefits and Limits of the Centralized Approach
Ulrich Teichler
Germany: Continuous Inter-governmental Negotiations
Robert Evan Verhine and Lys M V Dantas
Brazil: Problematics of the Tri-partite Federal Framework
Jandhyala B. G. Tilak
India: The Unfulfilled Need for Cooperative Federalism
Imanol Ordorika, Roberto Rodríguez-Gómez and Marion Lloyd
Mexico: Dilemmas of Federalism in a Highly Politicized and Semi-decentralized System
Isak Froumin and Oleg Leshukov
The Russian Federation: Pragmatic Centralism in a Large and Heterogeneous Country
Rong Wang and Po Yang
China: The ‘Commanding Heights’ Strategy Revisited

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