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High School Underachievers

High School Underachievers
What Do They Achieve as Adults?

June 1992 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
After leaving school, how do underachievers fare in further education, in careers and in personal relationships such as marriage? This volume explores whether underachievers `catch up' after school to the level of their abilities, and the traits of those who do and those who do not.

Issues such as personality variables, learning strategies, self-esteem, classroom structure, the educational system and parental styles are explored. Basing their analysis on the findings of a 13-year longitudinal study, the authors explore the factors that are associated with underachievement and ask what techniques have worked to help these students improve their performance.

What is Underachievement?
The Nature of Underachievement
Prognosis and Treatment
Background of the Current Study
Are Underachievers Different in High School?
Are Underachievers Different 13 Years After High School?
Which Underachievers Catch Up to Their Ability?
Conclusions and Implications

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