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Listening to Learning

Listening to Learning
Assessing and Teaching Young Children

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April 2024 | 184 pages | Corwin

Effectively assess learning in the most critical years of a child's development

Young children’s learning in preschool and childcare settings sets the foundation for the elementary school years to come. Skills in speaking, listening, reading, math, science, and the arts develop inside everyday instructional routines that teachers and childcare providers make available to children. How can educators be sure of what their children are learning and how to support their progress?

Listening to Learning provides pre-service and in-service teachers and childcare providers working with young learners with an innovative and practical way to assess children’s learning while they are engaged in daily instructional routines. This book offers:

  • Methods for observing, documenting, and analyzing what and how young children are learning
  • Strategies for monitoring children's progress across various areas, including sciences, arts, mathematics, language arts, and play
  • Approaches for making informed instructional adaptations that address the developmental needs of young learners from diverse home and community settings
  • A framework that shows how instructional routine activities can be used to bridge classroom assessment with the teaching and learning process

With years of expertise and a thorough analysis of assessment techniques, the authors effectively showcase the power of instructional routines as a tool for understanding and enhancing student learning in these most formative years of development.

About the Authors
Section I: Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction to Bridging Assessment
Chapter 2: Bridging: Assessing the Content and Process of Learning
Chapter 3: Basic Activities as the Unit of Analysis in Bridging Assessment
Chapter 4: Teacher and Childcare Provider Agency in Bridging Assessment
Chapter 5: Bridging and Effective Teaching
Section II: Bridging Assessment Activities
Chapter 6: Pretend Play
Chapter 7: Story Dictation and Dramatization
Chapter 8: Counting Collections
Chapter 9: Drawing a Self-Portrait
Chapter 10: Strong Houses for the Three Pigs
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D


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ISBN: 9781071889213