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Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction
National and International Perspectives

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November 1999 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume, international contributors discuss the philosophical basis and history of harm reduction policies and examine their outcomes. They also cover controversial topics related to harm reduction especially conflicts between the public health system, where most programmes are located, and a worldwide criminal justice system that further marginalizes drug users. The book describes programmes from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Australia.
James A. Inciardi and Lana D. Harrison
The Concept of Harm Reduction
Diane Riley and Pat O'Hare
Harm Reduction
History, Definition and Practice

Ernest Drucker
From Morphine to Methadone
Maintenance Drugs in the Treatment of Opiate Addiction

Sandra D. Lane et al
The Coming of Age of Needle Exchange
A History Through 1993

Lana D. Harrison
The Medicalization of Marijuana
Marsha Rosenbaum and Katherine Irwin
Pregnancy, Drugs and Harm Reduction
Dirk J. Korf and Ernst C. Buning
Coffee Shops, Low-Threshold Methadone, and Needle Exchange
Controlling Illicit Drug Use in the Netherlands

Hilary L. Surratt and Paulo R. Telles
The Harm Reduction Movement in Brazil
Issues and Experiences

Patricia G. Erickson
The Harm Minimization Option for Cannabis
History and Prospects in Canadian Drug Policy

Toni Makkai
Harm Reduction in Australia
Politics, Policy and Public Opinion

James A. Inciardi
The Harm Reduction Roles of the American Criminal Justice System

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