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Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication

Handbook of International and Intercultural Communication

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • William B. Gudykunst - California State University, Fullerton, USA, California State University, USA
  • Bella Mody - University of Colorado, Boulder,India, Michigan State Unversity

October 2001 | 500 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This Second Edition illustrates how the field is composed and looks at how it has grown. The four parts examine: cross-cultural communication; intercultural communication; international communication; and development communication. Each part begins with a chapter on theories and closes with one on issues. This edition is thoroughly revised and reorganized with expanded coverage of international, development, and cross-cultural communication and new chapters.
Everett M Rogers and William B Hart
The Histories of Intercultural, International, and Development Communication
William B Gudykunst
Cross-Cultural Communication

William B Gudykunst and Carmen M Lee
Cross-Cultural Communication Theories
Gerry Philipsen
Cultural Communication
Tae-Seop Lim
Language and Verbal Communication across Cultures
Peter A Andersen et al
Nonverbal Communication Across Cultures
David Matsumoto et al
Cultural Influences on the Expression and Perception of Emotion
Cookie White Stephan and Walter G Stephan
Cognition and Affect in Cross-Cultural Relations
Stella Ting-Toomey and John G Oetzel
Cross-Cultural Face Concerns and Conflict Styles
Current Status and Future Directions

William B Gudykunst
Issues in Cross-Cultural Communication Research
William B Gudykunst
Intercultural Communication

William B Gudykunst
Intercultural Communication Theories
Richard L Wiseman
Intercultural Communication Competence
Jessica Abrams, Joan O'Connor and Howard Giles
Identity and Intergroup Communication
Ling Chen
Communication in Intercultural Relationships
Young Yun Kim
Adapting to an Unfamiliar Culture
An Interdisciplinary Overview

George A Barnett and Meihua Lee
Issues in Intercultural Communication Research
Bella Mody
International Communication

Stephen D McDowell
Theory and Research in International Communication
A Historical and Institutional Account

Edward Comor
Media Corporations in the Age of Globalization
Oliver Boyd-Barrett
Global Communication Orders
Thomas L Jacobson and Won Yang Jang
Media, War, Peace and Global Civil Society
K Viswanath and Liren Benjamin Zeng
Transnational Advertising
Bella Mody and Anselm Lee
Differing Traditions of Research on International Media Influence
Sandra Braman
A Pandemonic Age
The Future of International Communication Theory and Research

Bella Mody
Development Communication

Srinivas R Melkote
Theories of Development Communication
Silvio Waisbord
State, Development and Communication
Leslie B Snyder
Development Communication Campaigns
J P Singh
Communication Technology and Development
Instrumental, Institutional, Participatory and Strategic Approaches

Robert Huesca
Participatory Approaches to Communication for Development
H Leslie Steeves
Development Communication as Marketing, Collective Resistance and Spiritual Awakening
A Feminist Critique

Karin Gwinn Wilkins
International Development Communication
Proposing a Research Agenda for a New Era