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Green Issues and Debates

Green Issues and Debates
An A-to-Z Guide

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August 2011 | 568 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This twelfth volume in the SAGE Series on Green Society explores the multitude of threats to sustainable life on earth and the myriad of controversies surrounding potential solutions. The grayer shades of green are deeply examined, including such heady questions as: Is ethanol production from corn a recipe for famine? Does offshore drilling pose more of a risk to the environment than the problem it solves? Is 'clean coal' a viable option or is it simply polluting the energy dilemma? Are genetically modified foods helpful or harmful?

Well-respected scholars present over 150 articles presented in A-to-Z format focusing on issues brought to the forefront by the green movement with carefully balanced pro and con viewpoints. A valuable tool for students of all facets of ecology, the environment and sustainable development, the volume fully engages the reader, inspiring further debate within the classroom. This work culminates in an outstanding reference available in both print and electronic formats for academic and public libraries. Pedagogical elements in the front-matter and back-matter include a reader's guide grouping related entries by broad themes and topics, a glossary, a resource guide to further readings (key books, journals, websites), an appendix of primary documents and a thorough index.

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ISBN: 9781412996945

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