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Global Health

Global Health

Four Volume Set
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May 2011 | 1 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This collection of key source materials documents the history of the field, identifies important turning points in research and practice, and indicates key challenges for the future. It also addresses the urgent need for perspectives from the global South to complement the more familiar ones of official documents and researchers in high income countries.

Volume One: Historical Perspectives

Volume Two: Scientific Advances

Volume Three: Scientific Consolidation

Volume Four: Global Health Ethics, Public Policy and Challenges for the Future

International health to global health
The Global Institutionalization of Health as a Social Concern

K. Inoue, K and G. Drori
Exporting Medical Education: Professionalism, Modernization and Imperialism

E.R. Brown
Commentary: Salvador Allende and the Birth of Latin American Social Medicine

H. Waitzkin
2007 SOPHE Address: On being Comfortable with being Uncomfortable: Centering an Africanist Vision in our Gateway to Global Health

C. Airhihenbuwa
The World Health Organization and the Transition from "International" to "Global" Public Health

T. M. Brown, M. Cueto and E. Fee
Toward a Common Definition of Global Health

J.P. Koplan et al
Pathways of pathology
Disease and its Impact on Politics, Diplomacy, and the Military: The Case of Smallpox and the Manchus

C-F. Chang
Globalization and Cholera: Implications for Global Governance

K. Lee and R. Dodgson
Globalization, Political Economy and HIV/AIDS

D. Altman
Food Security in Less Developed Countries

J. Jenkins and S. Scanlan
Health Systems
Primary Health Care

World Health Organization
Selective Primary Health Care: An Interim Strategy for Disease Control for Developing Countries

J. Walsh and K. Warren
The State of the World's Children

J. Grant
World Development Report 1993: Investing in Health

World Bank
The Politics of Child Survival

J. Justice
Alma-Ata 30 Years on: Revolutionary, Relevant, and Time to Revitalise

J.E. Lawn et al
Women, Gender and Health
Maternal Mortality: A Neglected Tragedy - Where is the M in MCH?

A. Rosenfield and D. Maine
Editor's Note: Public Health Nihilism Revisited

R. Bayer
After Cairo: Women's Reproductive and Sexual Health, Rights, and Empowerment

A.G. Rosenfield
The Great Population Debates: How Relevant are they for the 21st Century?

S.W. Sinding
Population and Reproductive Health: Where do we go Next?

A. Germain
Economic globalization
Rapid Economic Growth and 'the Four Ds' of Disruption, Deprivation, Disease and Death: Public Health Lessons from Nineteenth-Century Britain for Twenty-First-Century China?

S. Szreter
Ethics and equity
Nagasaki, August 9, 1945: A Personal Account

M. Ichimaru
The 10/90 Report on Health Research 1999

Global Forum for Health Research
International Health to Global Health
Global Mortality, Disability, and the Contribution of Risk Factors: Global Burden of Disease Study

C. Murray and A. Lopez
Disability-Adjusted Life Years: A Critical Review

S. Anand and K. Hanson
Macroeconomics and Health: Investing in Health for Economic Development

Commission on Macroeconomics and Health
The African Millennium Villages

P. Sanchez et al
Pathways of Pathology
Smallpox Eradication

D. Henderson
The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance

L. Garrett
AIDS, Empire, and Public Health Behaviorism

S. Basu
A Critical Analysis of the Brazilian Response to HIV/AIDS: Lessons Learned for Controlling and Mitigating the Epidemic in Developing Countries

A. Berkman et al
The Nutrition Transition in the Developing World

B.M. Popkin
Health Systems
Effect of Payments for Health Care on Poverty Estimates in 11 countries in Asia: An Analysis of Household Survey Data

E. Van Doorslaer
Grand Challenges in Global Health

H. Varmus et al
Gates' Grandest Challenge: Transcending Technology as Public Health Ideology

A-E. Birn
Women, gender and health
Women, AIDS, and Economic Crisis in Central Africa

B. Schoepf
Economic Globalization
Global Reach: The Power of the Multinational Corporations

R. Barnet and R. M ller
How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reasons for World Hunger

S. George
IMF Adjustment Policies and Approaches and the needs of Children

G.K. Helleiner et al
The Economics of Life and Death

A. Sen
Global Trade and Public Health

E. Shaffer et al
Ethics and equity
Mortality Before and After the 2003 Invasion of Iraq: Cluster Sample Survey

L. Roberts et al
An Anthropology of Structural Violence

P. Farmer
Drug Development for Neglected Diseases: A Deficient Market and a Public-Health Policy Failure

Trouiller P et al
Global Governance
Defining Global Public Goods

I. Kaul, I. Grunberg and M. Stern
Global Public Goods for Health: Use and Limitation

R.D. Smith and D. Woodward
International Health to Global Health
Investing in Health

D.T. Jamison
Is Poverty or Wealth Driving HIV Transmission?

S. Gillespie, S. Kadiyala and R. Greener
Closing the Gap in a Generation: Health Equity through Action on the Social Determinants of Health

Commission on Social Determinants of Health
Health systems
30 years after Alma-Ata: Has Primary Health Care Worked in Countries?

J. Rohde et al
Universal Health Care and the Removal of User Fees

R. Yates
Strengthening Health Financing in Partner Developing Countries

R. Rannan-Eliya
Women, Gender and Health
Violence against Women: Global Scope and Magnitude

C. Watts and C. Zimmerman
Global Prescriptions: Gendering Health and Human Rights

R. Petchesky
Economic Globalization
Global Patterns of Income and Health: Facts, Interpretations, and Policies

A. Deaton
Intellectual Property Rights and Inequalities in Health Outcomes

C. Correa
Uneven Dietary Development: Linking the Policies and Processes of Globalization with the Nutrition Transition, Obesity and Diet-Related Chronic Diseases

C. Hawkes
Ethics and Equity
Anthropology, Inequality, and Disease: A Review

V-K. Nguyen and K. Peschard
Global governance
Oslo Ministerial Declaration-Global Health: A Pressing Foreign Policy Issue of our Time

Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, France, Indonesia, Norway, Senegal, South Africa and Thailand
International Health to Global Health
The Challenge of Global Health

L. Garrett
Towards Action on Social Determinants for Health Equity in Urban Settings

T. Kjellstrom and S. Mercado
Health Systems
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Grant-Making Programme for Global Health

D. McCoy et al
The health impact fund: incentives for improving access to medicines, The Lancet, 375, 166-169.

A. Banerjee, A. Hollis and T. Pogge
The World Health Report 2006: Working Together for Health

World Health Organization
Women, Gender and Health
New Rights for Private Wrongs: Female Genital Mutilation and Global Framing Dialogues

M. Baer and A. Brisk
Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach

M. Nussbaum
Economic globalization
Two Stops in Today's New Global Geographies: Shaping Novel Labor Supplies and Employment Regime

S. Sassen
Land Grabbing by Foreign Investors in Developing Countries: Risks and Opportunities

J. Von Braun and R. Meinzen-Dick
Ethics and Equity
Severe Poverty as a Human Rights Violation

T. Pogge
Denaturalizing Scarcity: A Strategy of Inquiry for Public Health Ethics

T. Schrecker
Why Health Equity?

A. Sen
Global Governance
Globalization and its Impact on the Full Enjoyment of Human Rights - Final Report

J. Oloka-Onyango and D. Udagama
After the revolution: global health politics in a time of economic crisis and threatening future trends. Global Health Governance, 2, 1-21.

D. Fidler
The "Securitization" of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Critical Feminist Lens

C. O'Manique
The Triple Crisis and the Global Aid Architecture

T. Addison, C. Arndt and F. Tarp

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