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Gender, Crime and Victimisation

Gender, Crime and Victimisation

November 2010 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Gender, Crime and Victimisation is a thoughtful and thought-provoking book, exploring gender patterns in both offending and victimisation. It offers a thorough examination of how these patterns in society are variously established and represented, researched, explained and responded to by policy makers and criminal justice agencies.

Bringing together key theory, research and policy developments, the book combines perspectives on the study of criminology with those of victimology and gender studies - drawing particularly on the influence of feminism. It analyses processes of criminalisation and social control, and their structural biases. It explores fears, anxieties and worries about crime, as well as particular vulnerabilities to crime.

The book employs a range of learning devices to support the student reader, including:

o Chapter overviews

o Case studies and examples

o Study questions

o Further reading at the end of each chapter

o A comprehensive glossary

Comprehensive and robust, Gender, Crime and Victimisation provides a stimulating and topical overview that will appeal to undergraduates,

Introduction: The Gender Agenda to Crime and Victimization
The Gender Agenda to Crime and Victimization
Gender Patterns to Crime and Victimization
Mediated Gender, Crime and Victimization
Feminisms, Ideologies and Research
Feminist and Gendered Perspectives
Explaining and Theorizing Offending and Victimization

Feminist and Gendered Perspectives
On Fear, Risk and Vulnerability to Victimization

Gender and the Criminal Justice System: Responses to Lawbreakers
Gender and Responses to Victimization
Challenges to Understanding Crime and Victimization through Gender

'Pamela Davies has produced in this volume a very thorough and thorough going gendered analysis of both crime, responses to crime and criminal victimisation. Throughout this book Davies puts to the fore the Man Question and the Woman Question for both victimology and criminology in an accessible, clearly written and student focused manner whilst never losing sight of the complexities associated with centring the salience of gender. Students, practitioners and academics alike will gain much from this book and its thought provoking exploration of the question of gender and its relationship with crime and victimisation.'

Professor Sandra Walklate
Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology, University of Liverpool

Davies has produced a thorough and comprehensive exploration of crime and victimization. It is written and presented in an engaging style making it an easy to digest read... The signposting used throughout the book, the extensive glossary of terms and the succession of study questions and activities will make this a particularly useful textbook for undergraduate students and their teachers.

Cheryl Allsop
Criminology and Criminal Justice

This thought-provoking and innovative text provides an excellent base for understanding issues of gender in the study of crime and victimisation. Although the study of gender issues in relation to criminal justice is now a well-established field (Walklate, 2004), the manner in which the author has structured this book to bring together research issues, developments in theory and issues of policy related to the study of gender, crime and victimisation is unique. The text offers original insight and critical discussion of these topics as they relate to both theory and practice.

Charlotte Baxter
International Review of Victimology

This is a fantastic book that covers the essentials in gender and crime. This is crucial for students studying gender, masculinities, sexualities, violence, and crime. The book is also easily accessible and clearly written, making it easy to follow.

Mr Aliraza Javaid
School of Social, Psychological & Comm, Leeds Beckett University
March 4, 2015

Excellant exploration of crime and criminal victimisation which focuses on the complex issues around gender and vulnerability to crime. Structure of the book is very student friendly with key questions for each chapter and activities to underpin learning.

Applied Social Science (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
June 16, 2014

A useful text which covers a wide range of areas within gender and victimology. The study questions and activities will make this a particularly useful textbook for students and their teachers.

Mr Mark Flippance
Department of Health & Social Studies, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
January 2, 2014

A good review of the topic areas.

Miss Rebecca Russell
Criminology, University Centre at Blackburn College
September 2, 2013

This is an extremely useful text which covers a wide range of areas within gender and victimology. The chapters are extremely accessible, with contents sections at the start of each chapter - extremely useful for first year undergraduate students! The study questions are useful and I will definitely use these in lessons and when setting students reading.

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
June 14, 2011

This is an excellent addition to the broad literature on gender and crime. It covers a wide range of contemporary issues in an accessible yet scholarly fashion and is a must for any courses covering victimisation and gender.

Dr John Topping
Fac. of Social Sciences, Ulster University
March 21, 2011

A well written and engaging text which allows the lecturer to dip in and dip out. The students found the material easy to use.

Dr Azrini Wahidin
School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Queen's University Belfast
March 12, 2011

A welcome contribution to the gendered analysis of crime , very accessible and comprehensive which will make a significant contribution to promoting students understanding of women's issues in criminal justice

Ms Anne Thomson
Faculty of Media, Arts & Society, Southampton Solent University
January 19, 2011

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