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Gender and Research

Gender and Research

Four Volume Set
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October 2008 | 1 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
For the past thirty years there have been vigorous debates about the roles played by gender, sexuality and sexual orientation in research. This collection brings together the debates together, set them into their historical and theoretical context, and deal with the major criticisms and refutations. A particular strength of this collection is that it will available a key sources otherwise scattered and hard to obtain.

Volume I discusses three sub-themes, the context in which gender became a matter of concern for researchers, the context in which feminist methods were developed, and the (re)discovery of the methodological work of well-known women such as Jane Addams and Florence Nightingale. Volume II looks at research that has been conducted with explicit awareness of gender. Volume III focuses on the pioneering work of innovative scholars who argued for feminist methods in the years after 1950. It then goes on to investigate research that defended and debated the formulations of feminist methods. Finally, volume IV explicitly relates the themes of Queer Theory, Subaltern Theory and Polyvocality, themes that evolved with feminist methods, to those topics showcased in the other three volumes.

Historical Contexts
Elsie Clews Parsons in the Southwest

L.A. Hieb
Mourning Dove's Canadian Recovery Years 1917-1919

A. Brown
Ella Deloria: The emic voice

B. Medicine
Finding Her Sociological Voice: The work of mirra komarovsky

S. Reinharz
Multiple Mediations in Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men

G. Hernandez
Ruth Landes in Brazil

S. Cole
Significant Sister: Autonomy and obligation in Audrey Richards' early fieldwork

J. Gladstone
'She Was "Very" Cambridge: Camilla Wedgwood and the history of women in British social anthropology

N. Lutkehaus
Beatrice Webb's Romance with Ethnography

A.L. Ardis
Theoretical Contexts
An Analysis of Ideological Structures

D. Smith
Veil of Illusion

C. Nelson and V. Olesen
Knowers, Knowing, Known

M.E. Hawkesworth
Feminist Theory and Sociology

J.S. Chafetz
The Impact of Feminist Thought on Sociology

P. England
Feminism and Epistemology

J. Holmwood
The Coming of Age of Feminist Sociology

L. Roseneil
An Awkward Relationship

M. Strathern
Situated Knowledges

D. Haraway
The Problem of Bias in Androcentric and Feminist Anthropology

N. Scheper-Hughes
Women Researching Women
It's Great to Have Someone to Talk to

J. Finch
Interviewing Women

K. Langellier and D. Hall
Interviewing Women

A. Oakley
When Gender is Not Enough: Women interviewing women

C.K. Riessman
Gender and Age in Fieldwork and Fieldwork Education

R.H. Wax
Can There Be a Feminist Ethnography?

J. Stacey
Dialogue across the Divides

D. Luff
Some Methodological and Epistemological Issues

D. Millen
Women Researching Men
Gender and Method in Folklore Fieldwork

M. Camitta
Not 'One of The Boys': Women researching the police

R. Horn
The Development of Rapport through the Negotiation of Gender in Fieldwork among Police

K. Ramsay
Emotional Labour and Qualitative Research: How I learned not to laugh or cry in the field

J. Hunt
(In) Secure Times: Constructing white working-class masculinity in the late 20th century

M. Fine, L. Weis, J. Addestrom and J. Marusza
Men Researching Women
Women and Class Analysis

M. Stanworth
Do Her Answers Fit His Questions?

H. Graham
Bringing the Men Back in

B. Reskin
Sex Bias in Research Design

K.E. Grady
Men Researching Men
Cool Guys, Swots and Wimps

R.W. Connell
Structural Aporias and White Masculinities

S.D. Farough
A Man in the Making: Sexual masculinities within changing training cultures

C. Haywood and M. Mac An Ghaill
On Becoming a Male Physical Education Teacher

A. Skelton
Feminist Research, Feminist Consciousness and Experience

L. Stanley and S. Wise
Hand, Brain and Heart

H. Rose
Feminist Methodology

S. Clegg
The Value Of Quantitative Methods

T.E. Jayaratne
Methods, Practice and Epistemology

M. Maynard
The New Feminist Scholarship

M. Komarovsky
Is There an Association Between Gender and Methods in Sociological Research?

L. Grant Et Al.
Locked in Uneasy Sisterhood

L.R. Bloom
The Progressive Verification Method

J.M. Billson
Roundtable Discussion on Feminist Methodology

K.M. Brown
Knowledge and Women's Interests

J.A. Cook and M.M. Fonow
Beginning where we Are

K. Anderson Et Al.
Quality and Quantity: Reconstructing feminist methodology

J. Sprague and M.K. Zimmerman
Talking and Listening from Women's Standpoint: Feminist strategies for interviewing and analysis

M.L. Devault
Claims and Disclaimers: Knowledge, reflexivity and representation in feminist research

G. Letherby
Feminist Methods and Postmodernism
The Unhappy Relationship of Feminism and Postmodernism

D.A. Gordon
Science, Gender and Women's Liberation: An argument against postmodernism

A. Oakley
Feminism, Epistemology and Postmodernism

G. Mclennan
Confessions of a Ragpicker

S. Delamont
Feminism, Sociology of Scientific Knowledge and Postmodernism

V. Singleton
Drawing the Line at Angels

P. Lather
Doing Feminist Educational Theory

S. Middleton
Postmodernism and Gender Relations in Feminist Theory

J. Flax
Kinship between Judith Butler and Anthropology?

T. Strong
Men, Masculinity and the Process of Sociological Enquiry

D. Morgan
The New Men's Studies: Part of the problem or part of the solution?

J. Canaan and C. Griffin
What is Problematic About Masculinities?

K. Clatterbaugh
Toward a New Sociology Masculinity

T. Carrigan, B. Connell and J. Lee
Theorizing Men and Men's Theorizing: Varieties of discursive practices in men's theorizing of men

J. Hearn
Queer Theory and Queer Methods
Fieldwork in The Gay World

C.A.B. Warren
From Hiding Out to Coming Out

P. Griffin
Self and Identity in a Postmodern World

W.G. Tierney
Hegemonic Heterosexual Masculinity

B. Frank
Queer Fears: Against the cultural turn

T. Edwards
I Can't Even Think Straight: Queer theory and the missing sexual revolution in sociology

A. Stein and K. Plummer
Polyvocality and the Right to Speak
Towards an Anti-Racist Feminism

J. Bourne
Sociological Theory: Methods of writing patriarchy

D. Smith
Unsexed and Ungendered Bodies

S. Grand
The Romance of Resistance

L. Abu-Lughod
History in the Making, Narrative as Feminist Text and Practice in a Mexican Feminist Journal

J. Guzik, and J.C. Gorlier
The Woman who didn't Become a Shaman

M. Wolf

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