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Gangs & Crime

Gangs & Crime
Critical Alternatives

First Edition

July 2017 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book takes students on a guided tour of the gang phenomenon through history, as well as current representations of gangs in literature and media. It includes: 

- A detailed global overview of gang culture, covering, amongst others,  Glasgow, Chicago, Hong Kong, and Shanghai
- A chapter on researching gangs which covers quantitative and qualitative methods
- Extra chapter features such as key terms, chapter overviews, study questions and further reading suggestions.

Alistair Fraser brings together gang-literature and critical perspectives in a refreshingly new way, exploring ‘gangs’ as a social group with a long and fascinating history. 
Chapter One: Defining
Chapter Two: Researching Gangs
Chapter Three: Histories of Gangs
Chapter Four: Conceptualising Gangs
Chapter Five: Social Harm Perspectives
Chapter Six: Feminist Perspectives
Chapter Seven: Cultural Perspectives
Chapter Eight: Gangs and Globalisation
Chapter Nine: Decentring the World of Gangs
Chapter Ten: Responding to the Global Gang
Chapter Eleven: Conclusion: Beyond the Gang?

This is a comprehensive and engaging examination of gangs and crime. Drawing on a range of critical perspectives, this book enhances the existing gang literature by exploring the development of gangs in the UK context. It does a great job of consolidating existing literature and theoretical perspectives in a critical and well written manner, which is both easy to access and compelling. This is a 'must add' textbook for criminology and youth justice undergraduate reading lists.

Andrew Wooff, Lecturer in Criminology
Edinburgh Napier University

Gangs and Crime is an excellent introductory textbook, it is both scholarly and informative and  as such  will  appeal  to undergraduate  students and post graduate  researchers alike.

Anthony Gunter, Principal Lecturer in Criminology
University of East London

 Fraser has written a comprehensive, stimulating and thought-provoking book about gangs. Gangs & Crime covers themes such as the many definitions of gangs, the history of  gang research and methods for studying gangs. Key themes include social harm, feminist  approaches and the globalization of gangs. With this book, students will get an easy yet sophisticated insight into almost 100 years of gang research and debate. They will also get a thorough understanding of how to respond to gangs in an increasingly global world.

Sveinung Sandberg, Professor
University of Oslo

This is an exceptional gem for students and scholars interested in gangs.  The book is packed with the essentials and much more , from a thorough review of the debates over definitions, to theoretical shifts and turns, and their connections to methodologies and policy, to the development of alternative and broader lens that take into account the global and comparative dynamics of youth, gangs and culture.  It brings a refreshing and new edge to thinking about gangs. ?

Karen Joe Laidler, Professor
University of Hong Kong

In this comprehensive, well written, and up to date volume, Alistair Fraser offers an excellent introduction to the classic foundations of US and UK gang studies while simultaneously broadening the scope both globally and epistemologically. It is a prime example of a new wave of critical gang research that aims to disrupt stereotypical representations and provide alternative conceptual tools and perspectives through which to better understand gangs and their underlying dynamics.

Dennis Rodgers, Professor
University of Amsterdam

Gangs & Crime ... is written by the foremost expert in global gangs, youth subculture and gang identity. Alistair Fraser is a world-renowned urban sociologist, bringing to his work a creative methodological approach and a genuinely international perspective ... Ali's energy, knowledge and passion for his subject leap off the page, and this book rewards close and attentive reading ... It is also, quite simply, a cracking read.

Yvonne Jewkes, Research Professor in Criminology
University of Brighton

Gangs & Crime: Critical Alternatives is a holistic text that offers rich blends of classical and contemporary perspectives on the phenomenon of gangs. The ‘go to’ textbook for those who have a vested interest in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of gangs, the cultures they inhabit and their criminal identities. Put simply, this work deserves to be celebrated as a leading critical study on gangs.

Mohammed Rahman
Birmingham City University

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 6: Feminist Perspectives

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