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From Mandate to Achievement

From Mandate to Achievement
5 Steps to a Curriculum System That Works!

December 2009 | 248 pages | Corwin
This book for Kû12 school leaders and curriculum specialists leads educators step by step through curriculum planning and development processesùfrom data analysis to alignment, mapping, pacing, assessment, and monitoring. The completion of each of these phases results in the creation of curriculum documents and curriculum benchmarks. With these documents a district will know:What academic expectations they are expected to teach and test in what grade or classWhere the data gaps are for each academic expectationWhere and when the expectations will be taught and the materials necessary to teach themHow to use aácommon assessment to test the expectations within grades or subjects
About the Author
Part I. Foundations of Purpose and Implementation
1. An Introduction to Teacher-Led Curriculum Processes: The DAILY Curriculum System
2. A Brief Theoretical Foundation: Why Build a Curriculum System Through Teacher-Led Processes?
3. Getting Ready: Planning for the Components of the DAILY Curriculum System
Part II. A Planned Journey of Curriculum Processes
4. Data First: What Is Our Data Telling Us About Our Teaching and Our Students?
5. Curriculum Alignment: Do We Have a Match Between Standards and Instruction?
6. Developing Instructional Goals: Keeping a Bridge Between Curriculum Processes and Instruction
7. Creating Curriculum Maps: The Connection Between Instruction and Standards
8. Instructional Pace Guides: Adding Instructional Depth With Key Concepts and Essential Questions
9. The Final Link: Building Local Common Assessments
Part III. Maintaining Stability and Success
10. Creating Stability: Sustaining, Monitoring, and Adjusting a Curriculum Process System
Conclusion: Reflections on a Curriculum System
Resource A: Further Reading
Resource B: Sample Agendas
Resource C: Blank Forms
Resource D: Sample Curriculum Maps
Resource E: Sample Local K?8 Common Assessment Manual for English Language Arts and Mathematics

"Elaine Makas gives educators a much-needed guide to providing meaningful, productive assistance in the improvement of instruction for the 21st century. She addresses the challenges that face teachers and administrators to implement standards and align them to the criteria of high-stakes testing. She does this through the dynamics and complexities of working with teacher teams. Her hands-on experience leads her to provide many tables, charts, and facilitator tips that are extremely helpful to practitioners."

Eric J. Follo, Professor of Education
Oakland University, Michigan

"Elaine Makas has created an engaging tool that many educators need! This book will guide your journey through the morass of curriculum alignment, development, and assessment. From Mandate to Achievement is exactly the book I required as a principal! Our school struggled through missteps in curriculum alignment and implementing common assessments without the benefit of Makas’ wisdom and experience. I highly recommend this book for teachers, administrators, and interested parents.”

Robert A. Martin, Leadership Consultant
Oakland Schools, Waterford, MI

"This is definitely a how-to book with helpful pacing guides and plenty of strategies for implementing the ideas presented."

Laurie Emery, Principal
Old Vail Middle School, Vail, AZ

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