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Freedom, Trauma, Continuities

Freedom, Trauma, Continuities
Northern India and Independence

First Edition
Edited by:

Volume: 2

November 2016 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Digging Deeper: Northern India in the 1940s D A Low
`August Anarchy`: The Partition Massacres in Punjab, 1947 Swarna Aiyar
Literature and the Human Drama of the 1947 Partition Ian Talbot
`The Chief Sufferers`: Abduction of Women During the Partition of the Punjab Andrew J Major
From Displacement to `Development`: East Punjab Countryside After Partition, 1947-67 Gyanesh Kudaisya
Partition, Migration and Refugees: Responses to the Arrival of Muhajirs in Sind During 1947-48 Sarah Ansari
Divided Landscapes, Fragmented Identities: East Bengal Refugees and Their Rehabilitation in India, 1947-79 Gyanesh Kudaisya
Remembered Villages: Representations of Hindu-Bengali Memories in the Aftermath of the Partition Dipesh Chakrabarty
The Integration of the Princely States: A `Bloodless Revolution`? Ian Copland
Bihar in the 1940s: Communities, Riots and the State Vinita Damodaran
Punjab and the Making of Pakistan: The Roots of a Civil-Military State Tan Tai Yong
G D Birla, Big Business and India`s Partition Medha Malik Kudaisya

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