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Fired, Threatened, Imprisoned

Fired, Threatened, Imprisoned
Is academic freedom being eroded?

First Edition
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June 2015 | SAGE Publications Ltd
Our special report looks at freedoms to study and research around the world, with reports from Turkey, South Africa and China, along with new fiction from Turkmenistan, plus poetry from Angola and the UK.
Rachael Jolley
Part I: Fired, threatened, imprisoned: is academic freedom being eroded?
Kaya Genç
Silence on campus
Tatyana Malyarenko
Universities under fire in Ukraine’s war
Michael Foley
Industrious academics
Mark Frary
Stifling freedom
Martin Rowson
Suhrith Parthasarathy
Ideas under review
Natumanya Sarah, Ijeoma Idika-Chima, Sajiha Batool
Girls standing up for education
Thomas Docherty
Open-door policy?
Duncan Tucker
Mexican stand-off
Jemimah Steinfeld
Return of the Red Guards
Jodie Ginsberg
Global View
Part II: In Focus
Matthew Parris
Pride and principles
Ken Saro-Wiwa Junior
A letter from Ken Saro-Wiwa
Raymond Joseph
Hunt and trap
Cristina Marconi
Litvinenko’s legacy
Konstanty Gebert
God complex
Natasha Joseph
Zuma calls media “unpatriotic”
Vicky Baker
Dangers of blogging in Bangladesh
Samm Farai Monro
Comedy of terrors
Miriam Mannak
Print under pressure
Sir Harold Evans, Ac Grayling, Tom Holland, Xinran
On forgotten free-speech heroes
Emily Grannis And Michael Halpern
Head to head
Part III: Culture
Hamid Ismailov
The pain of exile
Musa Okwonga
Eye of the storm
Rafael Marques De Morais
The butterfly effect
Ak Welsapar
Listening to a beating heart
Aimée Hamilton
Index around the world
Vicky Baker
Battle of the bots

Rachael Jolley’s editorial reminds us of the importance of academic freedom in the university... The articles in the journal are all succinct and written with clarity and passion.

Stephen Ward, Bath Spa University
Stephen Ward

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