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Field Experience

Field Experience
Transitioning From Student to Professional

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April 2015 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A blueprint for doing clinical work in field experience, this practical book aids students in developing their professional identity on their journey toward becoming a counselor. Authors Naijian Zhang and Richard D. Parsons help students integrate the knowledge they learn across the curriculum by presenting a roadmap of how to start, navigate, and finish a practicum or internship. Throughout the book, coverage of CACREP standards, case illustrations, exercises, and real-life examples create an accessible overview of the entire transitioning process.

Field Experience is part of the SAGE Counseling and Professional Identity Series, which targets specific competencies identified by CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs). To learn more about each text in the series, please visit

Chapter 1: Field Experience as Formative to Professional Identity
Field Experience: A Unique Learning Experience  
Field Work: Fostering an Emerging Professional Identity  
Nurturing Your Professional Identity  
Chapter 2: Matching Self to Site
It Starts With Self-Appraisal  
Assessing Field Placement Options  
Matching Self to Site: Targeting Professional Development  
Chapter 3: From the Ideal to the Real
Knowing the Ideal  
The Real Is Often Less Than Ideal  
Even Interns Can Effect Change and Define Roles  
Chapter 4: The Ethics of Practice: More Than Knowing, Being
The Need and Value of Professional Ethics  
The What: In Principle  
From the Ideal to the Real  
Chapter 5: Reflecting on Practice
Reflecting on Practice: Case Conceptualization  
Reflecting in Practice: Guiding Moment-to-Moment Decisions  
Reflective Practice: Supporting Efficacy and Accountability  
Reflection: For Professional Development  
Chapter 6: Growing Through Supervision
Counseling Supervision  
Expectations of Counseling Supervision  
Issues and Dilemmas in Supervision  
Chapter 7: Multicultural Counseling in Practice
Multiculturalism in Counseling  
Multicultural Counseling Competence  
Developing Multicultural Counseling Competence  
Multicultural Counseling Competence and Professional Identity  
Chapter 8: Crisis Prevention and Intervention: Suicide and Homicide
The Nature of Crisis and Crisis Intervention  
When Harm Is Other Directed  
Site Policy on Crisis Procedures  
Chapter 9: Reducing Risk
The Risk of Physical Harm  
Reducing Legal Risks  
Chapter 10: Documentation and Record Keeping
Purpose of Documentation and Record Keeping  
Ethical and Legal Ramifications  
The “What” of Case Documentation  
The “How,” or Format, of Case Documentation  
Concluding Thoughts  
Chapter 11: Termination and Closure
Terminating the Counseling Relationship  
Challenges to Effective and Ethical Termination  
Steps Toward Effective and Ethical Termination  
Terminating Other Relationships at Internship  
Chapter 12: Self-Care and Self-Protection—Necessary for All Counselors
Counseling: Challenging the Well-Being of the Counselor  
Compassion Fatigue  
Chapter 13: Transition from Practice to Career
Connection Between Internship and Career  
Preparation for Employment  
Placement Resources  
Advanced Education  
Chapter 14: Transitions: Self as Counselor
Responding to the Calling  
With Pride  


Instructor Teaching Site

The password-protected instructor resources site includes:

  • Case study discussion questions help students apply chapter principles  
  • Chapter Exercises promote students’ in-depth engagement with course material
  • Lively and stimulating class assignments can be used in class to reinforce active learning. The activities apply to individual or group projects
Student Study Site

The open-access student study site includes:

  • Learning objectives reinforce the most important material
  • EXCLUSIVE! Access to full-text SAGE journal articles that have been selected to support and expand on the concepts presented in each chapter
  • Carefully selected chapter-by-chapter video and multimedia links enhance classroom-based explorations of key topics
  • Web resources are included for further research and insights
  • Interesting and relevant additional readings provide a jumping-off point for course assignments, papers, research, group work, and class discussion

“This text goes above and beyond the ‘typical’ skill building approach to field placement experiences. The emphasis on the development of professional identity will support students as they practice applying what they have learned in a classroom to clinical work in the real world—a transition that can be challenging for many students.”

Britney G. Brinkman, Chatham University

Wonderful text! The material assists the intern with understanding how to take theoretical skills learned within the academic setting and apply the actual internship practices to the world of work.”

Ann Leonard, Curry College

Excellent book that will inspire and enlighten evolving professionals.”

Mary Olufunmilayo, St. Bonaventure University

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