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Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

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February 2018 | 768 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This ground-breaking textbook gathers contributions from service users, expert practitioners and leading academics to help students develop the core knowledge and skills they need to qualify as mental health nurses. Focusing in particular on helping students apply person-centred, compassionate and recovery-focused care, service-user voices and practical case studies are integrated throughout the book. Students are also given a rounded understanding of the key debates they will face in practice through the exploration of both bio-medical and psycho-social approaches.

Key features include:

  • Voices and case studies from real practising nurses and students help students apply knowledge to practice.
  • Critical thinking activities, debates, and ‘What’s the Evidence’ summaries help students develop higher level critical thinking and evidence based practice skills. Further reading and free SAGE journal articles facilitate independent learning.
  • Online Multiple-Choice Quizzes and Flashcards make revision simple and fun.
  • The free interactive ebook gives students the freedom to learn anywhere!
  • Online resources: free quizzes, case studies, SAGE journal articles and more, which can be used for flipped classroom activities to make teaching more interactive.
Karen Wright, Mick McKeown and Jonathan Gadsby
Chapter 1 Context and nature of Mental Health care in the 21st century
Steve Pryjmachuk
Chapter 2 Overview of Mental Health Nurse Education and Training
Scott Reeves and Simon Fletcher
Chapter 3 Working with Other Professionals
Julia Terry et. al
Chapter 4 Meaningful Service User Involvement
Simon Hall and Mandy Reed
Chapter 5 Working with Families and Carers
Tommy Dickinson, Amrita Mullan, Rachel Lyon, Lauren Walker, Donna Taylor and Jess Bradley
Chapter 6 Diversity Issues within Mental Health Care
Joe Forster, Sarah Loughran, Rob MacDonald and Ian Callaghan
Chapter 7 Organisations and Settings for Mental Health Care
Ben Hannigan, Bethan Edwards, Ian Hulatt and Alan Meudell
Chapter 8 The Policy Context for Contemporary Mental Health Care
Bob Sapey
Chapter 9 Madness and the Law
Julie Ridley, Stephanie de la Haye, June Sadd, Karen Newbigging and Karen Machin
Chapter 10 Independent Advocacy in Mental Health Care
Karen Wright and Alan Armstrong
Chapter 11 The Ethical Mental Health Nurse
Duncan Double
Chapter 12 Psychiatric Understandings of Mental Health
David Pilgrim and Mick McKeown
Chapter 13 Sociological Understandings of Mental Health
Richard Bentall and Mick McKeown
Chapter 14 Critical Psychological Ideas of Mental Health
Tim Thornton
Chapter 15 Philosophical Understandings of Mental Health
Julian Raffay and Don Bryant
Chapter 16 Spiritual Care: Understanding Service Users, Understanding Ourselves
Kevin Acott, Emily Griffin and Harvey Wells
Chapter 17 Wellbeing in Mental Health Care
Karen Machin and Emma Watson
Chapter 18 Recovery-orientated Practice
Chris Essen and Jane Cahill
Chapter 19 Employment and Recovery in Mental Health Care
Sue Barker and Sophie Williams
Chapter 20 Compassionate Communication in Mental Health Care
Mandy Reed and Simon Hall
Chapter 21 Therapeutic engagement for mental health care
Nicki Moone and Steve Trenoweth
Chapter 22 Mental Health Assessment
Michael Kelly and Claudette Kaviya
Chapter 23 Mental Health Care Planning
Michael Coffey, Rachel Cohen and Bethan Edwards
Chapter 24 Mental Health Care Coordination
John Butler, Alison Commissiong and Christine Crossman
Chapter 25 Mental Health Risk Assessment: A Personalised Approach
Joy A. Duxbury and Amy Scholes
Chapter 26 Minimising Violence and Related Harms
Sarah Traill and Adam Traill
Chapter 27 Cognitive Behavioural Therapies
Doug MacInnes, Amanda Francis and Annie Jeffrey
Chapter 28 Psychosocial Interventions to Support Carers
Alan Simpson and Susan Henry
Chapter 29 Self-help and Peer Support in Recovery
Jenelle Clarke, Nick Manning, Gary Winship and Simon Clarke
Chapter 30 Therapeutic Communities, Democracy and the New Recovery Movement
Rhiannon Corcoran and Rosie Mansfield
Chapter 31 Public Mental Health: Prevention and Promotion
Nick Bohannon and Sumaiyaa Khoda
Chapter 32 Primary Mental Health Care
Jacquie White Samantha O’ Brien, Megan Beadle and Anthony Ackroyd
Chapter 33 Meeting the Physical Health Needs of Mental Health Service Users
Jennie Day and Mick McKeown
Chapter 34 Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Nurses
Helen Spandler and Mick McKeown
Chapter 35 Non-Medical Alternatives for Crisis Care
David Pulsford
Chapter 36 Dementia: Assessment and Care Approaches
Maddie Burton, Laura Baker and Karen Wright
Chapter 37 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care
Karen Wright, Maddie Burton and Laura Baker
Chapter 38 Care of People with Eating Disorders
Karen James and Isaac Samuels
Chapter 39 Care of Individuals Who Self Harm or Experience Suicidal Feelings
Jayne Breeze, Carol Cooper, Angela Kydd, Suzanne Monks, Julie Skilbeck, James Turner, Eleanor Wilson
Chapter 40 Palliative and End-of-life Care in Mental Health Care
Mick McKeown, Karen Wright and Lynda Carey
Chapter 41 Democratic Leadership for Mental Health Care
Natalie Miles and Karen Wright
Chapter 42 Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Care
Ged McCann, Mick Burns and Ian Callaghan
Chapter 43 Commissioning for Mental Health Services
Kevin Moore and Marie O’Neill
Chapter 44 Transferable Skills and Transition: Becoming a Mental Health Nurse and Beyond
Karen Wright, Mick McKeown and Mike Thomas
Chapter 45 Compassionate Mental Health Care in Times of Uncertainty

Although aimed at MH nursing students/nurses it is also a valuable and accessible resource for adult nursing students/nurses. It has a very modern feel, with a welcome focus on service user led approaches, including recovery and peer support.

Ms Lesley Andrews
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
August 8, 2022

This book provides a sound basis for trainee mental health nurses offering clear connections between theory and practice. The inclusion of online resources, reflection points and opportunities for students to critically debate also provides the student with directed study beyond the classroom.

Mr Ian Davies-Abbott
School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University
November 1, 2019

materials link well with our assessments

Mr Simon Hall
Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of The West of England
September 5, 2019

A thorough text book covering all bases and easy for students to access

Ms Sarah Rutherford
Nursing, Manchester Metropolitan University
July 1, 2019

Finally - a text that converses meaningfully with all important aspects of mental health nursing. This text considers all essential and contemporary issues within today's mental health nursing care delivery. The chapters have been penned by authors relevant to the areas for discussion which adds extra kudos. I was also particularly impressed with the chosen list of reviewers for this text before it was introduced to general circulation, as this ensured it covered all aspects appropriate to its future readership. Well done to all involved in this publication.

Mr Thomas Beary
Nursing, Hertfordshire University
March 26, 2018