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Developing Your Communication Skills in Social Work

Developing Your Communication Skills in Social Work

Second Edition

October 2023 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book explores:

·       What is meant by communication skills

·       What communication skills are

·       What they look like in practice

·       The differences in communicating with service users and professionals, such as children, guardians, peers and emergency workers

·       Why they are important

It includes a wide range of theories, multiple case studies, reflective tasks, and exercises. It will develop your critical thinking and reflection skills, and help you develop your own communication style.

Presented in a chronological style which acts as a working tool that you can dip into and out of. Each chapter is structured in a way that encourages you to build on your knowledge, so it begins by taking you right back to basics to learn core theory and practice techniques before getting you to critically reflect on the use of different skills in different settings and with different service user groups. The end-of-chapter skills audits help you to reflect on what you have learnt, what your strengths are and what you need to work on more. 

Chapter 1: Reflection and Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 2: Initial Engagement
Chapter 3: Listening
Chapter 4: Clarification
Chapter 5: Empathy
Chapter 6: Challenging: Holding Sensitive Conversations
Chapter 7: Working with Resistance
Chapter 8: Barriers to Effective Communication
Chapter 9: Remote Communication
Chapter 10: Case Recording and Assessments
Chapter 11: Inter-Professional Communication
Chapter 12: Managing Endings

The case studies throughout this book make it invaluable as it helps with bridging from theory into practice, and is especially useful for those students who have not yet got their work placements or haven't worked in health and social care previously as it can help them to understand the skills they will need when working with people in a caring capacity.

Miss Charlotte Clark
Health, NPTC group Newtown campus
June 25, 2024

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