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November 2012 | 1 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Since the 1970s, the number of formally democratic states has grown exponentially whilst coherent alternatives to democracy have steadily diminished in terms of their global relevance. Yet, democracy remains an extremely problematic, conflictual and unfinished enterprise - as a process and a project. The progress of democratization, inside nation states and globally, is partial, unsteady and at times thin, and efforts to extend democratization outside the nation state, whether to international bodies or civil society or the private sphere of the family and even intimate social relations, are sometimes highly contested.

For researchers and scholars, there is an undoubted challenge in understanding and interpreting the multi-layered and multi-dimension processes of democratization and gauging their significance for the social and political world. This collection explains aspects or experiments in democratization across the world and relates the substantial body of work on comparative, cross-regional and cross-case work across thematic fields of research. With this collection, researchers, policy makers, students, social and economic organizations such as businesses and labour movements, and NGOs in fields such as development, democracy promotion, social rights and international relations, can make sense of the best of a broad and potentially intimidating field of study.

Volume One: Theories, Methods and Historical Perspectives

Volume Two: States and Political Economies of Democratization

Volume Three: Civil Society, Human Rights and Culture in Democratization

Volume Four: The Global Politics and Globalization of Democratization

Conceptualising Democracy and Democratization
Democratization as Deliberative Capacity Building John Dryzek
Citizenship and Social Class Thomas Marshall
Of the Limits to the Authority of Society over the Individual John Stuart Mill
Recent Theories of Democracy and the 'Classical Myth' Carole Pateman
Socialism and Democracy Joseph Schumpeter
Democracy as a Universal Value Amartya Sen
Dissident Citizenship: Democratic Theory, Political Courage, and Activist Women Holloway Sparks
Theorising Democratization
Comparative Democratization: Big and Bounded Generalizations Valerie Bunce
Democracy with Adjectives: Conceptual Innovation in Comparative Research David Collier and Steven Levitsky
Three Paradoxes of Democracy Larry Diamond
An Economic Theory of Political Action in a Democracy Anthony Downs
Some Social Requisites of Democracy: Economic Development and Political Legitimacy Seymour Martin Lipset
Modernization: Theories and Facts Adam Przeworski and Fernando Limongi
What Democracy Is… And Is Not Philippe Schmitter and Terry Lynn Karl
Transitology Literature and its Limits
How Democracies Emerge: The "Sequencing" Fallacy Thomas Carothers
What Do We Know about Democratization after Twenty Years? Barbara Geddes
Toward Consolidated Democracies Juan Linz and Alfred Stepan
Democratization Backwards: The Problem of Third Wave Democracies Richard Rose and Doh Chull Shin
Bringing Back States and Markets in Democratization Literature
Market Economy and Democratic Polity David Beetham
Democratization, Sequencing, and State Failure in Africa: Lessons from Kenya Daniel Branch and Nic Cheeseman
Comparing Democratic Systems Donald Horowitz
On the State, Democratization, and Some Conceptual Problems: A Latin American View with Glances at Some Post-Communist States Guillermo O'Donnell
Institutions Matter? Adam Przeworski
Challenges to Democratization
Democracy from the Outside-In? International Organizations and Democratization Jon Pevehouse
Markets, States, and Democracy: Patron-Client Networks and the Case for Democracy in Developing Countries Mustaq Khan
Why Democracy needs a Level Playing Field Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way
Does Oil Hinder Democracy? Michael Ross
The Role of Civil Society in Democratization
Labour and Democratization in South Korea and Taiwan Yin-Wah Chu
Adding Collective Actors to Collective Outcomes: Labour and Recent Democratization in South America and Southern Europe Ruth Berins Collier and James Mahoney
Toward Democratic Consolidation Larry Diamond
Questioning Tocqueville in Africa: Continuity and Change in Civil Society during Nigeria's Democratization Carl LeVan
Gendering Politics and Policy in Transitions to Democracy: Chile and South Africa Georgina Waylen
Claiming Citizenship Rights in the Global South
Human Rights, Democracy and Development: The Debate in East Asia Rosemary Foot
Religion and Democratization in Africa Jeff Haynes
The Politics of Democratization: Lessons from Bosnia and Iraq Alex Jeffrey
Democracy, Indigenous Movements and the Postliberal Challenge in Latin America Deborah Yashar
Democratizing Civil Society
The Taming of the Idea of Civil Society Gideon Baker
Democratizing Civil Society in Latin America Alison Brysk
Civil Society, Social Capital and Development: Dissection of a Complex Discourse Goran Hyden
NGOs, Civil Society and Democratization: A Critical Review of the Literature Claire Mercer
Accounting for the 'Dark Side' of Social Capital: Reading Robert Putnam on Democracy James Putzel
Conceptualizing Democratization beyond Nation States
Developing Democracy beyond the State Gráinne De Búrca
Globalization and Democracy Donatella Della Porta
Diffusion and the International Context of Democratization Kristian Skrede Gleditsch and Michael Ward
Democracy's Third Wave Samuel Huntington
Other Domains of Democratic Theory: Space, Power and the Politics of Democratization David Slater
Role of External Actors in Democratization
Democratization and Ideational Diffusion: Europe, Mercosur and Social Citizenship Jean Grugel
Disembedded Democracy?: Globalization and the 'Third Way' Joseph Lewandowski
Human Rights, Principled Issue-Networks, and Sovereignty in Latin America Kathryn Sikkink
Democracy and the Multinationals Richard Youngs
Civil Society and Peacebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina Roberto Belloni
Stalled Transitions and Contradictions of Democracy Promotion
The Contradictions of Democratization by Force: The Case of Iraq David Beetham
The International Context of Morocco's Stalled Democratization Francesco Cavatorta
Transnationalizing Democracy Promotion: The Role of Western of Political Foundations and Think Tanks James Scott
The politics of 'public opinion' in the Philippines Eva-Lotta Hedman

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