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Data Justice

Data Justice

First Edition

September 2022 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
“The definitive book on the social, political, and economic dimensions of data.”
- Vincent Mosco, author of The Smart City in a Digital World

“An essential handbook for those invested in reclaiming our digital space.”
- Payal Arora, author of The Next Billion Users and FemLab Co-Founder

In an age of datafication, the systematic collection, analysis and exploitation of data impacts all aspects of our social lives.

Crucially, there are winners and losers in this. From access to services, to the risk of being wrongfully targeted, to our very understanding of the social world and what we think matters in it.

Data Justice is a cutting-edge exploration of the power relations that lay at the heart of our datafied lives. It outlines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, exploring how societies are, will, and should be affected by data-driven technology and automation.

From data capitalism and data colonialism, to data harms and data activism – this book is an expert guide to the debates central to understanding the injustices of life in a datafied society.

It is also an urgent and impassioned call to challenge and reimagine these injustices. To work collectively to achieve a fairer and more just future.

Data Justice is an essential resource for anyone working and studying across critical data studies, and anyone interested in the social consequences of big data, smart technology and AI.

Dr Lina Dencik, Dr Arne Hintz, Dr Joanna Redden and Dr Emiliano Treré are co-Directors of the Data Justice Lab at Cardiff University.
Data and Capitalism
Data and Governance
Data and De-Westernization
Data Harms
Data and Citizenship
Data and Policy
Data and Movements
Data and Social Justice

Examining datafication – a uniquely contemporary human experience – as a site of politics, power and emancipation, Data Justice unravels the multiple and mutual entanglements of ideas of justice and idiosyncrasies of data. A contribution that is bound to animate conversations in public discourse and classrooms alike, Data Justice is an elegant addition to the body of work that helps us understand how sense-making and claims-making are connected in a world redefined by data.

Anita Gurumurthy
Founding member and executive director of IT for Change

Data Justice is an essential handbook for those invested in reclaiming our digital space and reshaping data systems to align with future-oriented values of equity and sustainability.  Authored by key thought leaders, this book maps a global and holistic approach to the world of data that works for radical wellbeing.

Payal Arora
Author of the Next Billion Users and FemLab Co-Founder

Here is the definitive book on the social, political, and economic dimensions of data. The authors are each experienced scholars who have produced a set of carefully integrated and clearly written chapters that cover a vast expanse of themes, from capitalism to citizenship, from social movements to social justice.


Vincent Mosco
Author of 'The Smart City in a Digital World'

Data Justice will be the foundational text for studies on the intersection of data and social justice. Drawing on their own pioneering research and an extensive engagement with the literature, the book provides a comprehensive account of data politics and power, introducing the reader to key emerging ideas and debates. Essential reading for understanding our increasingly datafied world.

Rob Kitchin
Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute

A key framework for reflecting on the intersection of datafication and society.

Mr David Watkins
South Wales Business School, University of South Wales
January 12, 2024

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