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Culture Counts

Culture Counts
A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Fifth Edition
  • Serena Nanda - John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
  • Richard L. Warms - Texas State University - San Marcos, USA

July 2021 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

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Culture Counts is a concise introduction to anthropology that illustrates why culture matters in our understanding of humanity and the world around us. Serena Nanda and Richard L. Warms draw students in with engaging ethnographic stories and a conversational writing style that encourages them to interact cross-culturally, solve problems, and effect positive change. The brief format gives majors and non-majors the essentials they need and frees up the instructor to teach the course the way they want to teach it.

The Fifth Edition includes new examples and vignettes that are important to the study of cultural anthropology. Issues of gender, identity, globalization, intersectionality, inequality, and public health have been incorporated throughout the book, as well as a new chapter on Race and Ethnicity that brings in the book in step with recent conversations about power, race, and history.

Chapter 1. Introducing Anthropology
Chapter 2. Culture Counts
Chapter 3. Doing Cultural Anthropology
Chapter 4. Communication
Chapter 5. Making a Living
Chapter 6. Economics
Chapter 7. Political Organization
Chapter 8. Social Stratification: Class and Caste
Chapter 9. Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 10. Marriage, Family, and Kinship
Chapter 11. Gender
Chapter 12. Religion
Chapter 13. Creative Expression: Anthropology and the Arts
Chapter 14. Making the Modern World: Globalization from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century
Chapter 15. Anthropology in the Twenty-First Century: Understanding and Acting in a Challenging World

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