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Cross-curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Cross-curricular Approaches to Teaching and Learning

First Edition
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September 2009 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
What would the primary curriculum look like with humanities at its heart? How can cross-curricular work help children to learn more effectively?

With practical ideas on how to join up the primary curriculum, this book uses history and geography to explore different contexts and strategies for making links between the full range of primary subjects, so that learning can be more integrated and relevant to learners. The authors demonstrate how these subjects can serve as the basis upon which values can be developed in the curriculum. There are powerful case studies, including examples of pupils' work and talk, and teachers' reflections. Additional materials to accompany the book can be found at:

Written by a group of practising teachers and university tutors, this book will be invaluable to primary teachers, student teachers and all those involved in curriculum design.

Chris Rowley is Senior Lecturer in and Geographical and Environmental Education at the University of Cumbria, UK.

Dr Hilary Cooper is Professor of History and Pedagogy at the University of Cumbria, UK.

Chris Rowley & Hilary Cooper
Cross-curricular learning and the development of values
Jan Ashbridge and Jo Josephinou
Who am I? How can we learn to value ourselves and others through thematic work supporting the development of children's knowledge and understanding of the world in the Foundation Stage
Hugh Moore
Where do I come from? History linked to mathematics, geography and language
Chris Barlow & Andrea Brook
Valuing my place: How can collaborative work between geography and art help make the usual become unusual?
Rob Wheatley
Learning to value another place: Promoting cross-curricular learning with geography and ICT through a local school link
Sue Temple with Lisa MacGregor
Challenging my preconceived ideas: An alternative to Florence Nightingale for a history focused cross-curricular theme with RE
Jen Ager
Comparing my life today with someone's in the past: History, geography, literacy, mathematics, science, art, design and technology
Chris Rowley
Thinking through environmental values: Planning for a long term cross-curricular theme using local change and partnership - geography, art and science
Martin Skelton and Graham Reeves
What it means for primary-aged children to be internationally minded: The contribution of geography and history
Donna Hurford
Using dialogue to engage children with challenging ideas: Geography and global citizenship
Chris Rowley and Hilary Cooper

Students have found this book helpful in developing their understanding of a themed approach to teaching and learning and have referred to it in their assignments.

Mrs Helen Price
School of Education, York St John University
June 6, 2018

An excellent overview of cross curricular learning opportunities with a solid theory base used to support the writing.

Mrs leanne Hall
International & Continuing Education, Tyne Metropolitan College
September 1, 2016

This textbook is particularly useful for our course as we are trying to embed a cross curricular learning theme into our teaching of core subjects.

Mrs Kulwinder Maude
Education , Kingston University
June 23, 2016

Some very useful chapters.

Mrs Rachel Wallis
Swansea School of Education, Swansea Metropolitan University
February 10, 2015

Some useful case studies for students to refer to as part of their arts module

Mrs Maria Vinney
Faculty of Education, Winchester University
December 16, 2014

This book will provide useful supplemental materials for students.

Dr Colin Howard
Institute of Education, Worcester Univ.
November 28, 2013

Useful to any course delivering a module based around x-curricular and creative curriculums.

Mr Marc Smale
Education (Walsall), Wolverhampton University
July 12, 2012

A good and interesting book with a variety of ideas and pedadogical support. It addresses the issues of today and gives useful examples and case studies.

Mr Gwyn Ellis
School of Education, Bangor University
June 6, 2012

This book provides a combination of wider views of and cross curricualr and thematic learning and more focussed practical applications. In its wider views it engages readers in the big issues of cross curricualr and thematic learning and encourages a critical reflection on the values of such approaches. In the more foucssed applications, it does not become a "tips for teachers" book but exemplifies the application of these critical approaches. At a time when schools are enagaing more and more in cross curricualr and thematic learning and curriculum change, this book promotes a thinking approach to such developments.

Mr Peter Raymond
Teacher Education, York St John University College
July 21, 2011

Excellent title with a variety of different ideas and pedadogical support. It explores the use of cross curricular activities in such a way that it makes the topic interesting for trainee teachers to follow, apply and experiment in their classes.

Dr Mario Moya
Department of Education, Bedfordshire University
July 14, 2011

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