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Criminology (General)

May 2002 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This reader provides a comprehensive introduction for students studying criminology at undergraduate level. Not only does the book include 34 essential readings, but also editorial commentary with section introductions, study questions, and suggestions for further reading.

The reader will provide a thorough grounding in issues related to the study of crime, the criminal justice system, and social control. In their selection the editors have sought to indicate crime's varied and conflicting history as well as its current debates. The mixture of historical and more recent readings shows a variety of perspectives.

The Reader will be an essential sourcebook for students and teachers in the fields of criminology, criminal justice studies, the sociology of crime and deviance, socio- legal studies, social policy, criminal law and social work.

Geoffrey Pearson
Victorian Boys, We are Here!
Sandra Walklate
Perspectives in Criminological Theory
Howard S Becker
Definitions of Deviance
Jock Young
Ten Points of Realism
Peter B Ainsworth
Psychology and Crime Behaviour
Nicole Hahn Rafter and Frances Heidensohn
The Development of Feminist Perspectives on Crime
Steven Box
Crime, Power and Ideological Mystification
Clive Coleman and Jenny Moynihan
The Social Construction of Official Statistics
Gary Slapper and Steve Tombs
Corporate Crime, Official Statistics and the Mass Media
David Kidd-Hewitt
Crime and the Media
A Criminological Perspective

Stanley Cohen
Folk Devils and Moral Panics
The Creation of the Mods and Rockers

Jerry Kitzinger
The Ultimate Neighbour from Hell? Stranger Danger and the Media Framing of Paedophiles
Ian Taylor
Crime in Context
A Critical Criminology of Market Societies

Micheal Cavadino and James Dignan
Bias in the Criminal Justice System
Janet Foster
Crime, Culture and Community
Hazel Croall
White Collar and Corporate Crime
John Lea and Jock Young
The Race and Crime Debate
Stuart Hall
From Scarman to Stephen Lawrence
John Muncie
Youth and Crime
A Critical Introduction

Susan Batchelor
The Myth of Girl Gangs
Elizabeth A Stanko
Ordinary Experiences
Tim Newburn and Elizabeth A Stanko
When Men are Victims
The Failure of Victimology

Rob Reiner
Cop Culture
Clive Coleman and Clive Norris
Policing and the Police
Key Issues in Criminal Justice

Frank Belloni and Jacqueline Hodgson
The Trial
Andrew Billen
The Injudiciary
Ian Dunbar and Anthony Langdon
Justifications and Purposes of Imprisonment
Stanley Cohen and Laurie Taylor
The Closed Emotional World of Security Wing
Nigel South
Crime, Control and the Future
Some Theories and Speculations

Barbara A Hudson
Social Control
John Naughton
Smile, You're on TV
Martin Bright
They're Watching You
Gary Younge
Land of the Free
Douglas Thomas
New Ways to Break the Law
Cybercrime and the Politics of Hacking


A good introductory text book for undergraduate criminology and criminal justice students.

Mr Mark Jagus
Law, Derby College
September 10, 2020

Comprehensive, detailed and well written. An excellent module companion.

Mr Matthew Scandrett
School of Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
September 16, 2019

A good reader that provides an introduction to criminology. It covers key areas and provides a chronological, easy to follow format. The choice of texts can certainly enhance students knowledge and enjoyment of the subject.

Mr Nigel Donohue
Public Services, Wakefield College
August 17, 2014

This reader is essential for any student undergoing Criminology and Criminal Justice degree. It contains a great selection of texts that would definitely make their studies much more enjoyable and understandable.

Mr Marian Buhociu
Criminology, Univ. of South Wales
July 4, 2014

This is another excellent text written by Yvonne Jewkes. It is accessible to students, is very interesting and provides some real insighful information for criminology students.

Dr Jo Brayford
School of Health and Social Sciences, University of Wales, Newport
May 2, 2013

Excellent additional reading resource for a criminological theory undergraduate course

Dr Katrina Morrison
School of Life, Sport & Social Sciences , Edinburgh Napier University
April 4, 2013

The contents provoke thoughtful debate and I have no hesitation in recommending this title to my students

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Inst of Policing & Criminal Justice Studies, University of Cumbria
August 16, 2012

An interesting and comprehensive book mixing historical and current issues from a variety of perspectives.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
September 21, 2011

Original authors. Coherent flow. Short but robust chapters.

Ms Anne Hayes
Criminology, Liverpool John Moores University
July 26, 2011

This text is a helpful resource for students entering their Criminology undergraduate degree as it covers a wide range of topics covered in year 1 and year 2 modules. Chapter summaries, study questions and resources for further reading assist students in applying and understanding information covered in the text. I would recommend this text to my students upon arrival to our Criminology degree.

Miss Aimee Smith
Humanities English and Languages, Peterborough Regional College
June 6, 2011

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