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Criminal Justice Policy

Criminal Justice Policy

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Criminal Justice Policy provides a thematic overview of criminal justice policy and its relationship to the American criminal justice system. Scholars, practitioners, and politicians continually debate the value of these policies in their evaluations of the current system. As the nature of this subject involves a host of issues (including politics, public sentiment, research, and practice), the authors expertly highlight these concerns on criminal justice policy and address the implications for the overall system and society at large.

This text is organized into three parts: Foundations of criminal justice policy focuses on the role of politics, best practices, and street level bureaucracy in criminal justice policy. Criminal justice policy in action provides an analysis of fifteen different policy issues in criminal justice, such as immigration, drugs, mental health and capital punishment. Each section begins with a basic summary of the policy, accompanied by a brief synopsis of the framing issues. This brief, but informative summary, draws students’ attention to essential concepts and ideas, provides a roadmap for what they can expect to learn, and ensures continuity throughout the text. The text concludes with a discussion about the future directions of criminal justice policy.
Stacy L. Mallicoat and Christine L. Gardiner
Section I. Foundations for Criminal Justice Policy
Stacy L. Mallicoat
Chapter 1. The Politics of Crime and the Policy Making Process
Christine L. Gardiner
Chapter 2. The Influence of Research & Evidence-based Practices on Criminal Justice Policy
Shelly Arsneault
Chapter 3. Street-Level Bureaucracy. From Policy to Practice
Section II. Criminal Justice Policy in Action
William Sousa
Chapter 4. Policing Places of Crime and Disorder
Larry K. Gaines
Chapter 5. Homeland Security. A New Criminal Justice Mandate
Nicole Palasz and Katherine Fennelly
Chapter 6. Immigration and Crime
Alesha Durfee
Chapter 7. Mandatory Arrest and Intimate Partner Violence
Clayton J. Mosher and Scott Akins
Chapter 8. From “Just Say No!” to “Well, Maybe” – The War on Drugs & Sensible Alternatives
Chrysanthi Leon and Ashley Kilmer
Chapter 9. Controlling the Sexual Offender
Henry N. Pontell and Gilbert Geis
Chapter 10. Public Policy and White-Collar and Corporate Crime
John Hagedorn and Meda Chesney Lind
Chapter 11. America’s “War on Gangs”. Response to a Real Threat or a Moral Panic?
Aaron Kupchik and Megan Gosse
Chapter 12. The Waiver of Juvenile Offenders to Adult Court
Henry F. Fradella and Rebecca Smith-Casey
Chapter 13. Criminal Justice Responses to the Mentally Ill
Barbara Koons-Witt and Courtney Crittenden
Chapter 14. Gender Responsive Practices
Donna Decker Morris
hapter 15. Restorative Justice
Elsa Chen
Chapter 16. Three Strikes and Habitual Criminal Laws
Brett Garland, H. Daniel Butler and Benjamin Steiner
Chapter 17. The Supermax. Issues and Challenges
Robert M. Bohm
Chapter 18. Capital Punishment
Faith E. Lutze and Roger Schaefer
Chapter 19. Reentry and Rehabilitation. Generating Successful Outcomes During Challenging Times
Section III. Future Directions
Christie L. Gardiner and Stacy L. Mallicoat
Chapter 20. Emerging Issues in Criminal Justice Policy

I like the chapters very much. They contain the elements that I cover- what happens today, why it happens, what are the problems, and what can be done..."

Brenda Chaney
Ohio State University - Marion

Disappointed that this was about US Criminal Justice Policy and not the UK.

Mr Darren Woodward
Social Science , Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
July 7, 2016

Focused on the US system there is some appeal for UK students as a general reader

Mr Ashley Tiffen
Institute of Policing and Criminal Justice Studies, University of Cumbria
June 16, 2015

Faculty committee adopted another text, against my recommendation.

Dr Mark Rubin
Criminal Justice, Saint Leo University
January 28, 2015

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