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The Essentials

Fifth Edition

August 2024 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Written by former practitioners who are experts in the field, Corrections: The Essentials, Fifth Edition, addresses the most important topics in corrections in a brief, yet comprehensive format. Authors Mary K. Stohr and Anthony Walsh introduce students to the history and development of correctional institutions, while offering a unique perspective on ethics and diversity. The Fifth Edition provides insights into the future of corrections as well as updated coverage of the most important issues impacting the field today. 


  • Perspective from a Practitionerboxes, written by professionals in corrections, give a glimpse into the daily lives of those working in the correctional system.
  • Ethical Issuesboxes ask students "What Would You Do?" to encourage critical thinking around ethical issues in corrections. 
  • Test Your Knowledge self-quizzes open each chapter so students can quickly determine what they know and don't know about the chapter contents before they begin reading.
  • Foundational coverage of the history of corrections and of special populationsoffers students a unique perspective. 
  • Coverage of diversity of issues throughoutthe book will open up the diversity conversation in the classroom.
  • Comparative Perspectiveboxes in each chapter provide a view of correctional systems in different parts of the world, while also giving them some insight into how alternative practices might work.  
  • In Focus boxes detail areas of special interest related to the chapter's content with an extensive photo and illustration program enliven the content. 
  • Its brevity offers great flexibility in teaching.
About the Authors
Chapter 1 The Philosophical and Ideological Underpinnings of Corrections
Chapter 2 Early Corrections: From Ancient Times to Correctional Institutions
Chapter 3 Ethics and Corrections
Chapter 4 Sentencing: The Application of Punishment
Chapter 5 Jails and Detention Centers
Chapter 6 Community Corrections: Probation and Intermediary Sanctions
Chapter 7 Prisons and the Correctional Client
Chapter 8 The Corrections Experience for Staff
Chapter 9 Community Corrections: Parole and Prisoner Reentry
Chapter 10 Women and Corrections
Chapter 11 People of Color and Corrections
Chapter 12 Juveniles and Corrections
Chapter 13 Legal Issues in Corrections and the Death Penalty
Chapter 14 Correctional Programming and Treatment
Chapter 15 Corrections in the 21st Century
Answers to Test Your Knowledge

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