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Family Studies with SAGE

alt="landing-page-image-family-studies_500x500.jpg" style="height: 300px; width: 300px; margin-left: 30px; margin-right … image_original/public/landing-page-image-family-studies_500x500_1.jpg … paper, Family Studies at SAGE provides top-quality, easy-to-access materials to …

Sociology and Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice Fourth Edition » Bell … Social Policy for Children and Families, Second Edition: A Risk and … Social Policy and Social Change: Toward the Creation of Social and Economic …

Acock, Alan

Alan C. Acock

Research interests in quantitative methodology and family studies … missing values & growth curve modeling. Family study interest is in family processes that influence the well-being of family members. Most work is …

Sylvia M. Asay

Family Studies and Chair of the Family Studies and Interior Design … and received her Certified Family Life Educator credentials through the National Council on Family Relations. As a post-secondary educator, she has …

Katherine R. Allen

Family Studies and adjunct professor of Women's Studies at Virginia … in family diversity over the life course, feminism and family studies … Journal of Family Issues, Family Relations, Journal of Aging Studies

David H. Demo

Studies in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the … family transitions, changes in family relationships accompanying divorce, and the consequences of family transitions for family members’ …

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Family Violence Across … Family Resource Management, Second Edition » Nestor, Paul G. and Schutt, Russell K …