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Congressional Elections

Congressional Elections
Campaigning at Home and in Washington

Seventh Edition

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December 2015 | 384 pages | CQ Press
“It is the gold standard for texts on congressional campaigns and elections.”

— Bruce A. Larson, Gettysburg College

In Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington author Paul Herrnson combines top-notch research with real-world politics as he argues that successful candidates run two campaigns: one for votes, the other for resources. Using campaign finance data, original survey research, and hundreds of interviews with candidates and political insiders, Herrnson looks at how this dual strategy affects who wins and how it ultimately shapes the entire electoral system. The Seventh Edition considers the impact of the Internet and social media on campaigning; the growing influence of interest groups in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizens United ruling; and the influence of new voting methods on candidate, party, and voter mobilization tactics.
Chapter 1: The Strategic Context
The Candidate-Centered Campaign  
The Institutional Framework  
Political Culture  
Campaign Technology  
The Political Setting  
Recent Congressional Elections  
Chapter 2: Candidates and Nominations
Strategic Ambition  
Passing the Primary Test  
Nominations, Elections, and Representation  
The Senate  
Chapter 3: The Anatomy of a Campaign
Campaign Organizations  
Campaign Budgets  
Senate Campaigns  
Chapter 4: The Parties Campaign
National Agenda Setting  
The National, Congressional, and Senatorial Campaign Committees  
Strategy, Decision Making, and Targeting  
Campaign Contributions and Coordinated Expenditures  
Campaign Services  
Outside Campaigns  
The Impact of Party Campaigning  
Chapter 5: The Interests Campaign
Organizing for Electoral Influence  
Strategy, Decision Making, and Targeting  
PAC Contributions  
Campaign Services  
Outside Campaigns  
The Impact of Interest Group Activity  
Chapter 6: The Campaign for Resources
Inequalities in Resources  
House Incumbents  
House Challengers  
Candidates for House Open Seats  
Senate Campaigns  
Single-Candidate Super PACs and 501(c) Organizations  
Chapter 7: Campaign Strategy
Voting Behavior  
Voters and Campaign Strategy  
Gauging Public Opinion  
Voter Targeting  
The Message  
Chapter 8: Campaign Communications
Television Advertising  
Radio Advertising  
Newspaper Advertising  
Direct Mail and Newsletters  
Telephone Calls  
The Internet and Social Media  
Free Media  
Field Work  
The Importance of Different Communications Techniques  
Outside Campaigns  
Chapter 9: Candidates, Campaigns, and Electoral Success
House Incumbent Campaigns  
House Challenger Campaigns  
House Open-Seat Campaigns  
Senate Campaigns  
Claiming Credit and Placing Blame  
Chapter 10: Elections and Governance
The Permanent Campaign  
A Decentralized Congress  
Political Parties as Centralizing Agents  
Responsiveness, Responsibility, and Public Policy  
Chapter 11: Campaign Reform
The Case for Reform  
Obstacles to Reform  
Some Ideas for Reform  
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“I cannot say enough good things about Herrnson’s Congressional Elections. It is the gold standard for texts on congressional campaigns and elections. It is consistently lively and highly readable, supplements rigorous empirical analysis with interesting case studies, and is always informed by the most up-to-date cutting-edge research on congressional campaigns and elections. An irreplaceable text.”

Bruce A. Larson
Gettysburg College

“Paul Herrnson’s Congressional Elections: Campaigning at Home and in Washington is a great resource for a course on American elections. I like using the dichotomy of the two campaigns—one for resources and another for votes—to get students to analyze how money, media, and messaging influence the outcome of elections. What is more, the data used throughout the text allows students to scrutinize the fairness of elections in the United States and develop reforms to address the inequities they see.”

Daniel Birdsong
University of Dayton

“The strength of Herrnson’s book is that it covers not just the campaign in the home district but also the campaign for funds in Washington, D.C. The book is highly readable with informative tables and figures, and valuable original research. I can't imagine anyone doing better than Herrnson in covering congressional campaigns.”

Steve Shaffer
Mississippi State University

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