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Confidence, Assertiveness, Self-Esteem

Confidence, Assertiveness, Self-Esteem
A Series of 12 Sessions for Secondary School Students

  • Tina Rae - Tina Rae Well Being Training and Consultancy, Professional and Academic Tutor, University of East London

January 2000 | 182 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`It is refreshing to find such material that has some of its key objectives in changing staff and teacher perceptions of children with behavioural needs' - Educational Psychology in Practice

This 12-session course for secondary school pupils teaches skills and strategies for more effective relationships and interactions at home and in school.

The pack includes:

" teacher notes

" worksheets

" self-esteem rating scales.

Strategies to teach include:

" mirror talk

" positive thinking

" respecting yourself.

Young people rate this as a useful pack that manages their learning in a respectful manner and builds relationships with peers and staff.

Sessions 1 - 12