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Clinical Judgement and Decision Making in Nursing

Clinical Judgement and Decision Making in Nursing

Fifth Edition

March 2023 | 280 pages | Learning Matters

Clinical judgement and decision making are terms that are frequently used in nursing. But what do they mean and how can they be effectively applied in practice? In straightforward language, this book helps you to develop the necessary skills to make and apply sound clinical decisions. It breaks down the factors involved in decision making and shows you how to use evidence, critical enquiry and reflection to do so with confidence.

Key features:

-          Each chapter is mapped to the 2018 NMC Standards

-          Thought-provoking case studies and scenarios illustrate decision making in practice

-          Activities enable you to practise your skills and build confidence in your ability to make effective decisions

Chapter 1: What is clinical judgement and decision-making in nursing?
Chapter 2: Collaborative clinical decision-making
Chapter 3: Using observation to inform decisions
Chapter 4: Systematic clinical decision-making
Chapter 5: Standardised clinical decision-making
Chapter 6: Prioritising decisions in delivering care
Chapter 7: Experience and intuition in decision-making
Chapter 8: Reflective judgement and decision-making
Chapter 9: Ethical sensitivity in decision-making
Chapter 10: Accountability for nursing decisions
Chapter 11: Confidence in clinical decision-making
Chapter 12: Matrix decision-making model and ‘PERSON’ evaluation tool

Links to the NMC future nurse standards.
Brings together decision making, team working and accountability with relevant case studies, prompting the learner to relate to their own experiences and incorporating reflection and critical thinking.

Miss Helen Aldridge
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences(Nursing), Bournemouth University
July 6, 2023

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