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Choose Your Methodology

Choose Your Methodology
Little Quick Fix

October 2020 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Establishing methodological justification is a key precursor to undertaking research, whether you apply qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods. This new Little Quick Fix answers vital questions to put students onto the right track, such as:

·        What is methodology and what does it mean?
·        How does methodology differ from method?

·        What methodologies can you choose from?

·        When should you use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodology?

·        How can you use methodology to inform decisions about method?

Working through the subject within an hour's read, this Little Quick Fix helps students to avoid diving into research before they've cleared up uncertainty and confusion, so that they can truly progress into the next step of their research project or dissertation.

What is methodology?
Why does methodology matter?
How do I choose between quantitative, qualitative and mixed methodologies?
When should I use quantitative methodology?
When should I use qualitative methodology?
When can I mix qualitative and quantitative methodologies?
DIY: How do I choose the right methodology for my research?

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Mrs Jackie Ford
Care & Health Directorate, North Warwickshire And Hinckley College
March 4, 2021