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Children’s Learning in Early Childhood

Children’s Learning in Early Childhood
Learning Theories in Practice 0-7 Years

First Edition

April 2021 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Everything you need to know about Learning Theories in Early Childhood practice.

This book explores the key theorists and theories that form the foundation of learning and development in early childhood. Building your own understanding and knowledge of children’s learning, it then helps you develop the skills of translating theory into practice.

How does this book support you?

·  The structure of the book mirrors your student learning journey, to compliment your course and seminar reading.

·  Parts 1 and 2 help you develop your reflective and analytical skills through critical questions, photographs and discussion points.

·  Part 3 gives real life case studies to help you understand how the theories can be practically applied in settings to improve your own practice.

Part I: The Early Pioneers
Chapter 1: Recognising the concept of child
• The emergence of childhood

• Seeing nature in children’s learning

• Valuing emotional growth in early learning

• Recognising the value of play in early learning

• The need for social reform

• Advancing understanding in intellectual development

Part II: Modern Perspectives
Chapter 2: Emotional learning in childhood
• What does emotional learning look like?

• Emotional intelligence

• Self-efficacy

• Attachment

Chapter 3: Social learning in childhood
• What does social learning look like?

• Language and social learning

• The ethics of care

• Behaviourism and its relevance for social learning today

Chapter 4: Cognitive development and learning
• Intellectual development

• Play as a pedagogic approach

• Viewing learning from the child’s perspective

• Learning: can we really make it happen out of doors?

Chapter 5: Practice outside of the mainstream
• Loris Malaguzzi and Reggio Emilia

• Te whakiri

• Sure Start

• Instrumental enrichment

• The contribution of neuroscience

• Digital learning in early childhood

Part III: Seeing Theory in Practice
Chapter 6: Play as a pedagogic approach
Chapter 7: Emotional learning in early childhood
Chapter 8: Social learning in early childhood
Chapter 9: Language and learning
Chapter 10: Health and wellbeing

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