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Childhood Practice

Childhood Practice
A reflective and evidence-based approach

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March 2023 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This comprehensive guide to the core areas of Early Learning and Childcare is designed to equip students and practitioners to synthesise theory, research and practice to become reflective, evidence-based practitioners.

From national and international policy, to theories of childhood, to professional development: the book is a rich resource that will accompany and support throughout the reader’s studies and professional practice.

Each chapter features the following:

-          Key points covered at the start of each chapter.

-          Case studies showing a view from practice.

-          Thought provoking questions throughout chapters at key points.

-          Further questions at the end of each chapter encouraging reflection and critical engagement.

The book features a diverse and experienced author team, who are imbedded in work across the sector – including not only academics, practioners, service managers but also the expertise of those working in professional organisations, local authorities, and national organisations.

PART 1: Policy and legislative context of non-compulsory care and education (NCE) in the UK
Craig Orr and Mary Wingrave
Legislative and policy frameworks: practice and implementation
Ruth Myles and Jana Chandler
Safeguarding and protecting children: from policy to practice
Margaret McCulloch and Tracey Stewart
Diversity, equity and inclusion in early years
Jana Chandler and Ruth Myles
Children’s Rights and the UNCRC
PART 2: Contexts of childhood
Mike Carroll
Theories of child development
Mary Wingrave and Jillian Barker
Contemporary perspectives of children and childhood
Marie McQuade and Irene Pollock
Personal, social and emotional development
Christine McKee and Mark Breslin
Attachment-focused and trauma-aware early childhood practice
PART 3: Early Learning
Elizabeth Black and Jacqui Horsburgh
Creating learning environments
Jennifer Farrar and Kelly Stone
Early language and literacy development
Susie Marshall and Julie Robinson
Early mathematical development
Irene Pollock and Martin Winters
Digital learning in early childhood
PART 4: Perspectives on Play
Elizabeth Black
Playful pedagogy
Joe Houghton and Kristina Robb
Space to play
Mike Carroll and Jillian Barker
Outdoor learning
PART 5: Developing the non-compulsory care and education workforce
Mary Wingrave
Professionalisation of the non-compulsory sector in the UK
Irene Pollock and Tracey Stewart
Professional learning and the reflexive practitioner
Mike Carroll and Mary Wingrave
Professional inquiry
Jacqui Horsburgh and Kristina Robb
Evaluation in childcare settings
PART 6: The wider context of non-compulsory care and education
Mike Carroll and Craig Orr
Leadership and management in childhood practice
Marie McQuade and Tracey Stewart
Working in partnership
Cynthia Abel, Marie McQuade and Craig Orr
International perspectives on childcare provision and practice

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