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Child Centred Planning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Child Centred Planning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

June 2019 | 184 pages | Learning Matters

Planning for learning in the EYFS is not a simple task.

Planning can be daunting, time consuming and ineffective. It is easy to fall into the trap of planning for activities and topics, rather than planning for learning. 

Be better, more confident and effective at planning for learning in the EYFS with this book.  

*Explore the wider context of children's learning
*Make professional, informed decisions to support all children
*Use statutory and non-statutory guidance appropriately
*Be responsive to children's individual needs
*Capitalize on learning opportunities as they arise
*Be an advocate for child-centred planning



PART ONE: Overview of Planning in the EYFS
1 The Planning context
2 Principles of planning
3 Observation, Assessment and the Planning Cycle
PART TWO: Planning for Learning
4 Planning for the specific areas of learning
5 Planning the learning environment
PART THREE: Planning for ages and stages
6 Planning for babies and toddlers (0-23 months)
7 Planning for two year olds
8 Planning for pre-schoolers (36-47 months)
9 Planning the reception class
PART THREE: Ensuring quality and outcomes
Ch 10 Monitoring and evaluating the quality of planning

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