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Total Customer Value Management

Total Customer Value Management
Transforming Business Thinking

First Edition
  • Gautam Mahajan - President, Customer Value Foundation, Inter-Link Services Private Limited, New Delhi

November 2020 | 308 pages | SAGE Response
The world is changing. So is the Customer. Companies have to reinvent themselves and transform their business thinking to take advantage of such changes, and they must do so by focusing on the most important part of their business: the Customer. Doing so will build sustainable competitive advantage, Customer loyalty and market share, and shareholder wealth, and this book discusses and teaches how

This book expands the realms and the understanding of Customer Value Management (CVM), and creates a new management concept, that of Total Customer Value Management (Total CVM). Total CVM teaches how to align the entire company to the Customer. Business strategy flows from the Customer strategy, and the Customers drive the organization to greater profit. Total CVM expounds the value of employees and building their self esteem, awareness and engagement, and expands the concept of Customer Circles and continuous Customer Improvement Programs and understanding and measuring Customer Value Added.

Insightfully illustrated with case studies, caselets, tables and graphs, this book illustrates how big companies in India, like Tata and Godrej, are embracing Total CVM to effect organizational transformation and change in business thinking. The author has utilized a reader-friendly story-telling approach and a dialogue format to help the reader relate to the characters and their roles, and learn positively from the experiences described in the book.

The Fundementals

Existing Programs and TOTAL CVM

The Customer Bill of Rights and the Circle of Promises

Strategic and Operational Managers and TOTAL CVM

TOTAL CVM and Sales and Marketing: Chief Marketing Officer

Support, Staff and Operational Managers

The Frontline People

Customer Circles


In Total Customer Value Management Gautam Mahajan takes the readers through step-by-step practical insight for resolving the bottlenecks of Customer Value Management. With his revolutionary thinking, [the author] implicitly lays down the core concept of transforming entire organizations through Total Customer Value Management (CVM) to be customer driven and customer motivated…All through the book, the process have been amply supplemented with real-life examples from companies who have implemented Total CVM. Concepts are described in a lucid form rendering them easy to understand and are implementable. It is a very useful handbook manual.

Global Business Review

The Author has successfully brought up the relevant issues of customer value management. He has also creatively introduced characters which interacts and discusses the most intricate problems and mechanisms to solve them. In short, the effort of the author is credible and we hope we could see more volumes of such books being introduced in the future.

South Asian Journal of Management

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