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From Toothpicks to Treetops

From Toothpicks to Treetops
Quantity and Space in Mathematics

Foreword by Mahesh Sharma

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Mathematics & Numeracy

June 2003 | 200 pages | Corwin
From Toothpicks to Treetops: Quantity and Space in Mathematics serves the needs of the math whiz and the non-mathematically inclined alike by exploring and applying mathematical constructs to everyday situations.

By providing a vantage point from which to discern how students' prior knowledge can be used to help expand their mathematical thinking and increase their ability to communicate, author Rita Corbett outlines four ways students can begin to engage in problem solving:





Each method is used to reveal connections between mathematical thoughts, topics, and applications, and activities at the end of each chapter help students understand the relationship of mathematics to their surroundings.

Forword by Dr. Mahesh Sharma
Chapter 1 - What Is Elementary and Middle School Mathematics?
Mathematical Thought and Communication

Mathematical Thought: Four Arenas

Mathematical Communication: Three Stages


Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 2 - Our Number System
Identifying Types of Numbers in Our Number System

Comparing Irrational Numbers in Our Number System: Counting vs. Quantity

Combining Numbers in Our Number System: Place Value

Separating Mathematical Thought from Mathematical Symbols

Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 3 - Whole Numbers Thoughts
Identifying Whole Numbers

Comparing Whole Numbers

Combining Whole Numbers

Separating Whole Numbers

Introducing Integers

Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 4 - Fractional Thoughts
An Overview of Expressing Fractions

Identifying Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Selected Readings

Chapter 5 - Communicating Fractional Thought
Combining Fractions

Separating Fractions

Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 6 - Spatial Geometry Thoughts
Introducing Spatial Geometry

van Hieles' Levels of Geometric Constructs

Identifying Geometric Constructs

Comparing Geometric Space

Separating Space

Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 7 - Communicating Spatial Thoughts with Measurement
Measuring Non-Dimensional Space

Measuring One-Dimensional Space

Measuring Two-Dimensional Space

Measuring Three-Dimensional Space

Measuring Time

Measuring Temperature

Measuring Weight

Selected Readings

Student Activities

Chapter 8 - Solving Problems
Reading and Understanding the Problem

Making a Plan

Solving the Problem

Clarifying the Solution

Using Graphic Organizers to Solve Problems


Selected Readings

Student Activities


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ISBN: 9781575178585