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Tools for Teaching in the Block

Tools for Teaching in the Block

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June 2009 | 248 pages | Corwin
Roberta L. Sejnost offers an alternative to the usual lecture format to help teachers create coherent, effective lessons for extended blocks of instructional time, no matter what the subject or grade level. This book provides teachers with a four-phase lesson planning framework and numerous teaching strategies to build higher-level thinking skills and increase student learning.

Teachers can use practical, research-based methods and tools such as cooperative learning, quality questioning, and graphic organizers to reach secondary students. The author includes reproducible blackline masters for classroom use, plus activities for:

Preparing students for learning by fostering their prior knowledge, helping them set a purpose for reading and learning, and teaching the vocabulary necessary for understanding

Helping students actively interact with and process what they have learned

Clarifying and reinforcing content and taking learning to the next level

Tools for Teaching in the Block enables educators to take advantage of block scheduling to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking in adolescents.

About the Author
1. Preparing to Teach the Adolescent Learner
The Adolescent Learner : A Profile

What Can Teachers Do to Facilitate Adolescent Learning?

A Method to Facilitate Adolescent Learning

The First Steps: Curriculum Mapping and Lesson Planning

Chapter Summary

Blackline Masters

2. Tools for Teaching in the Block
What Are the Tools?

What Constitutes a Brain-Compatible Classroom?

The History of Cooperative Learning

Effective Strategies for Cooperative Learning

Multiple Intelligence Theory

Effective Questioning Techniques

Constructing Good Questions

Questioning Strategies

Graphic Organizers

Chapter Summary

Blackline Masters

3. Entice the Learner
The First Phase: Enticement

Strategies and Activities to Use to Entice the Learner

Vocabulary Strategies to Entice the Learner

Chapter Summary

Blackline Masters

4. Enlighten the Learner
The Second Phase: Enlightenment

Strategies and Activities to Use to Enlighten the Learner

Chapter Summary

5. Engage the Learner
The Third Phase: Engagement

Strategies and Activities to Use to Engage the Learner

Strategies for Monitoring the Reading

Strategies for Guiding the Reading

Chapter Summary

Blackline Masters

6. Extend the Learner
The Fourth Phase: Extension

Strategies and Activities to Use to Extend the Learner


Extended-Format Responses

Creative After-Learning Strategies

Employing Different Perspectives


Chapter Summary

Blackline Masters

7. Enact the Learning
The Culmination: Enactment

Strategies and Activities to Use in Each Phase of the Lesson Plan Format

Lesson Ideas for Content Area Disciplines

Some Parting Thoughts

Chapter Summary


"You know that schools are getting serious about school improvement when they are willing to adjust school schedules and address how time can be used more effectively to increase student learning. This book provides teachers with a manageable framework for lesson planning, utilizing extended learning time, and selecting and using specific classroom-level activities that can help all students become motivated and successful learners."

Douglas Johnson, Regional Superintendent
Kane County Regional Office of Education, Geneva, IL

"It is not unusual for teachers to feel overwhelmed when their school shifts from a traditional bell schedule to a 90-minute block. Sejnost guides teachers from feelings of apprehension and nervousness to those of confidence and excitement by giving them tools and research-based strategies to reach their students in new and challenging ways within the block."

Nancy W. Sindelar, Teacher and Consultant
California State University, San Bernardino

"Sejnost presents strategies that teach the skills students will need well into the 21st century, strategies that enable students to locate, synthesize, evaluate, retain, and utilize information as successful adolescent learners and as successful adults in our fast-paced, knowledge-driven society."

Nancy K. MaGill, Program Director, Our American Voice
Barat Education Foundation

"Teachers who have block scheduling will develop their expertise by using this text. This book provides a four-phase lesson plan format that sets the purpose for learning and offers several strategies to foster critical and creative thinking."

Sharon Thiese, Teacher, Consultant
Lewis University

"I strongly recommend this book to both preservice and practicing teachers. Sejnost has achieved the perfect balance between theory and practice through research-based strategies and a useful four-phase lesson planning framework. We are excited to make this practical, hands-on guide a permanent part of our teacher preparation curriculum."

Timothy U. Kaufman, Chair, Professional Program in Education
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1

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