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Rethinking Classroom Management

Rethinking Classroom Management
Strategies for Prevention, Intervention, and Problem Solving

Second Edition

January 2010 | 248 pages | Corwin
Most teachers still rely on compliance and control to maintain order in their classrooms. Drawing on years of classroom experience and consulting work, Patricia Sequeira Belvel proposes a more effective strategy—classroom leadership for both teachers and students.

This second edition of the bestselling book, Rethinking Classroom Management, is based on a leadership model of prevention, intervention, and problem solving, and is filled with real-life examples, tips, strategies, and worksheets to help teachers foster leadership in themselves and their students.

The author's techniques help teachers to recognize and solve problems at an early stage before learning is disrupted. Integrating classroom leadership into the day-to-day life of the classroom establishes an environment that supports students' sense of self-esteem, influence, autonomy, and connectedness. Students enjoy a more productive and supportive learning climate while also learning important life skills such as problem solving and building successful relationships with peers.

Foreword by Marsha Speck
About the Author
Part I. Rethinking Our Role in the Classroom
1. Shifting From Manager to Leader
2. Shifting Our Style to Match Our Beliefs
Part II. The Four “Ps” of Prevention: Personal, Prerequisites, Parameters, and Participation
3. Personal Relationships for Trust: The First “P” of Prevention
4. Prerequisites for Success: The Second “P” of Prevention
5. Parameters for Cooperation: The Third “P” of Prevention
6. Participation for Involvement: The Fourth “P” of Prevention
Part III. Intervention Techniques and Problem-Solving Strategies
7. Rethinking Classroom Interventions for Cooperation and Safety
8. Solution-Focused Problem-Solving Strategies
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"Many of today’s discipline problems are student responses to outdated practices. This book lives up to its title, providing innovative approaches that demonstrate leadership rather than management. Teachers discover creative and proactive ways to engage students in the development of learning environments that are positively charged, cooperatively structured, and self-governed.”

Dutchess Maye, Fellow for Instructional Design
North Carolina Teacher Academy, Morrisville, NC

“For the past twenty years, I have used the tenets of Rethinking Classroom Management to support new teachers and work as a teacher on special assignment and later as an administrator. In my current role, I consistently refer principals to the RTI strategies found in Belvel’s work. Ultimately these strategies lead to strengthened relationships and positive social behaviors. Students problem solve solutions that guide them to make constructive behavior choices so they can focus on academics.”

Fran Johnson, Administrative Leadership Coach
New Teacher Center, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Provides classroom teachers with a framework of techniques and strategies—anchored in prevention, intervention, and problem solving—that develop engaged, self-directed students with the social and critical thinking skills for the world ahead. The format is user-friendly and the scenarios and examples are excellent tools for exploring beliefs and management style, a first step in creating a positive learning environment where the teacher is a leader and facilitator of learning rather than a manager and controller.”

Andrea Lichter, Director
Region V AVID Program, San Jose, CA

“This teacher guidebook gracefully weaves together theory, practice, and common sense about creating positive classrooms where students are active participants in their own learning and where teachers lead their students in developing academic and social skills for school and for life. It connects classroom management and instructional design, demonstrating that students attend to learning when they are engaged and when classroom rules and procedures are well established, make sense, and reflect both teacher and student desires for a nurturing and productive learning environment.”

Deborah Walker, President & CEO, Collaborative for Teaching and Learning
Author of Teaching for Results

“I have used these strategies for nearly twenty years as a speech-language therapist, GATE teacher, and professional developer presenting the strategies to teachers. Recently, I have been working with colleagues in broadening my understanding and application of Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2), which is a framework and philosophy that can help in assisting Program Improvement Schools and Districts. Rethinking Classroom Management is a perfect match with RTI2 in both academic and behavioral realms. I would highly recommend this book to any school or district needing to enhance and strengthen RTI2.”

Liz Talbot, Director, Special Programs
San Benito County Office of Education, CA

“As a university instructor, I found Rethinking Classroom Management to be one of the best resources for preservice teachers. This book guides teacher candidates to solidify their values and beliefs about classroom management. They begin their teaching career with a solid foundation on how to develop a positive classroom learning environment.”

Ruth Ann Costanzo, Director of Clinical Work K-12
Stanford Teacher Education Program

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