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The Personal Intelligences

The Personal Intelligences
Promoting Social and Emotional Learning

October 2000 | 208 pages | Corwin
This book is about teaching the Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Intelligences of Multiple Intelligences theory as a foundation for all learning in classrooms. The book contains a wealth of activities for the classroom teacher, and skillfully weaves the latest research on the brain and human learning throughout the text. Launa Ellison models reflective practice throughout and addresses the interest of classroom teachers.

The book contains annotated bibliographies, resources lists, and numerous teaching strategies and activities.

This book focuses on two of the multiple intelligences and clearly illustrates through examples, vignettes, and activities how they can be taught in classrooms. It blends Multiple Intelligences theory with the latest research on the brain and learning.

In the Beginning
Learning and Stress
Emotions Impact Learning
Personal Intelligences across the Curriculum
Reflection, Goals and Portfolios
Responding to Children's Different Learning Needs
Our Diversity
Nurturing Independence
Expectations and Resources
End Points

"Launa Ellison is a pioneering teacher who has studied the scientific literature in psychology and neurology and sought to relate these findings to educational settings. In this new book, she shows how attention to the emotional and personal dimensions of students can help schools achieve their curricular and assessment goals."

Howard Gardner
Graduate School of Education, Harvard University

"A marvelously well-written account . . . A solid combination of research and useful practices focused on the important area of developing personal/social identity." 

Robert Sylwester
Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Oregon

"This is the finest book I have ever read on education and its transformations. Master teacher Launa Ellison brings current brain research to bear on her own profound, state-of-the-art teaching methods. Rarely has theory and practice been so brilliantly brought together. Every teacher, every parent, every citizen concerned about our children and their development should read this book."

Jean Houston
Ashland, OR

"This book is chock full of good ideas for teachers by a master teacher! Ellison's knowledge of emotions and their importance is phenomenal. Especially good are the classroom scenes where she describes activities and students' reactions. The descriptions make the book sparkle and come alive."

Wane Jennings
Editor, ASCD's Brain-Based Education/Learning Styles Networker

"Filled with important new information from research in the neurosciences, human development, and learning. All teachers will be inspired and will learn much from this beautiful new contribution." 

Dee Dickerson
New Horizons for Learning, Seattle, WA

"Launa Ellison combines high expectations for all students with creativity, commitment, and compassion. Teachers who share those qualities will find this to be a marvelous resource."

Joe Nathan
Center for School Change, University of Minnesota

"A must-read professional development book for all educators, in particular, classroom teachers." 

Clifford Morris
Editor, Multiple Intelligences Newsletter

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