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Journals as Frameworks for Professional Learning Communities

Journals as Frameworks for Professional Learning Communities

Second Edition

April 2008 | 160 pages | Corwin
Structured journals serve as a valuable framework for supporting professional collaboration and learning within a school and ultimately for improving student achievement. In Journals as Frameworks for Professional Learning Communities, the author demonstrates how school teams can use the structured journal process to consider research, reflect on opportunities, and implement new practices that will also address accountability mandates and enhance teachers' instructional repertoire. The book presents five types of structured journals, each with a specific purpose, that can be used by professional learning communities (PLCs).

PLC Journal: Facilitating School Reform; Action Research Journal; Teacher as Researcher; School Portfolios; Our School and Its Benefits; Professional Performance Portfolio; Highly Qualified Teacher PLC; Instructional Planning and Aligning Professional Development With Instructional Priorities.

Each chapter includes a case study and sample journal illustrating the four-step journaling process: purpose, focus, process, and outcome. Readers will also find strategies for implementing the process, a set of blank journal templates, a glossary of key terms, and a bibliography. The accompanying CD-ROM contains additional templates, strategies, and implementation tools to assist educators in using the structured journal method.

About the Author
The Purpose of PLC Journals

How to Use This Book and CD

Guiding Principles for Continuous Professional Learning

The Learning Cycle of Professional Development

Learning Communities Readiness Rubric

1. Professional Learning Communities at Work
Building Learning Communities in Schools

The Importance of Conversation and Building Relationships

Essential Qualities and Roles of Learning Community Members

Facilitating Learning Communities

2. Professional Learning Community Journal: Facilitating School Reform
Background of Professional Learning Communities

How to Use the PLC School Reform Journal to Inform Planning

Case Study: PLC School Reform Journal

School Reform Wrap-up

3. Action Research Journal: Teacher as Researcher
Background of Action Research

How to Use the Action Research Journal

Case Study: Action Research Journal

Action Research Wrap-up

4. District Portfolio of Schools: Constructing a School Portfolio
Background of the School Portfolio

How to Use the School Portfolio Journal

Case Study: School Portfolio Journal

School Portfolio Wrap-up

5. Professional Performance Journal: The Highly Qualified Teacher
Background of Professional Growth and Performance

How to Use the Professional Performance Journal

Case Study: Professional Performance Journal

Professional Performance Wrap-up

6. Professional Development Journal: Aligning With Instructional Priorities
Background of Professional Development

How to Use the Professional Development Journal

Case Study: Professional Development Journal

Professional Development Wrap-up

Guides and Resources for Professional Learning Communities
PLC Resource Matrix

Systems Planning Model

Organizers for the System Planning Model

A Guide for Active Listening
Guide for Professional Collaboration

Thoughtful Questions for Learning Communities

Worksheet for Defining Purpose and Priorities

School Portfolio Survey

A Strategy for Determining Priorities for School Change

Student Profile Checklist

Professional Portfolios: Types and Purposes

A Guide for Listening

Directions for Coaching Triads

Banner Questions Guide

Professional Development Checklist

A List of Facilitation Strategies

Journal Templates

"We successfully used the first edition and are especially excited about this revision, with updated journal designs and a CD-ROM. Now we have digital access and can easily share files and archive our efforts."

Aminda Gentile, Director
UFT Teacher Centers

"Provides many levels of entry for building professional learning communities. In addition to the step-by-step process and many examples included for novices, the work also provides opportunities and resources for the experienced to reflect, build, challenge, and change."

Diane G. Patin, Program Director
Aldine ISD, Houston, TX

"Whether for grade-level, site-level, or district teams, this book offers straightforward approaches for increasing collaboration and professional growth, and ultimately, improving student outcomes."

Jodi Servatius, Professor Emerita and Interim Dean, College of Education
California State University, East Bay

"Teachers and administrators will find this an invaluable pick."

California Bookwatch, May 2008
Midwest Book Review

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