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The How To of Qualitative Research

The How To of Qualitative Research

First Edition
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May 2016 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With clear instructions for developing a research design and complementary research tools, this book is not about describing or theorizing qualitative methods, but how researchers actually create and execute these methods. Helping students conquer the practical issues many novice researchers face, the book provides them with the tools they need to answer critical questions such as:

  • what are some ways to sample potential participants?
  • how do I construct an interview schedule?
  • should I be thinking of a single case study or a comparative study?
  • what and how should I record in the field?
  • what other sources of data should I consider?
Introduction: From Why to How in Qualitative Research
How to Conceptualize Research: Getting Started and Advancing Ongoing Projects
How to Design a Qualitative Project and Create a Research Question: Selecting the Right Tools for the Job
How to Do Interviews: Making What People Say Matter
How to Do Focus Groups: Making the Most of Group Processes
How to Conduct Field Research: Getting in and Getting out with High Quality Data
How to Use Unobtrusive Methods: The Beauty of Social, Physical and Visual Artefacts
How to Do Data Analysis: The Beginner’s Guide to Coding
How to Write up Qualitative Research: Making Your Words Count

This book is an excellent guide to actually doing qualitative research for both new and more experienced researchers. Packed with practical tools and tips, it also includes real-life examples that will stimulate readers and highlight connections across the research process. 

Dawn Lyon
Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Kent

This is a thoroughly practical guide to qualitative research from project conception through to publishing the findings. This book brings together the tools and tricks of the trade of experienced researchers. Students embarking on their first piece of qualitative research will find the advice contained within this book invaluable.

Heather Hamill
Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Oxford

The chapters on the classic steps in doing qualitative research are good and thorough and certainly concrete. The book is also full of very useful didactic tools, such as a toolkit for generating ideas and quick tips, and formulations that help to determine the problem to be investigated. This makes the book very user-friendly.

Martine Noordegraaf

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Ms Beverly Shideler
History, Five Towns College
July 6, 2017

This is one of the key texts for our students. It explains the methods, approaches and processes involved in qualitative research clearly and in a user friendly way. Students can therefore draw on this when designing their own research projects.

Dr Irene Dewar Bonnar
Education , Stirling University
May 3, 2016

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