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Brain-Compatible Activities, Grades K-2

Brain-Compatible Activities, Grades K-2

November 2007 | 96 pages | Corwin
Sophisticated medical instruments have provided us with a unique glimpse into the learning brain. As educators, we can take the knowledge and apply it to teaching in our classrooms. Brain research has led us to develop instructional techniques that facilitate the brain's innate learning capacity. The more teachers know about how the brain learns, the more instructional options they have. This activity book, based on David A. Sousa's How the Brain Learns, Third Edition, provides ready-to-use, brain-compatible activities for all content areas. Each step-by-step lesson includes detailed instructions for the teacher and all the necessary reproducibles.
Connections to Standards
Put It Into Practice
1. Language Arts
Blending Bowl

You'll Never Guess

Flashcard Hop

Segmenting Blues

Fluency in Motion

2. Math
Geomtery Lingo

Fun Facts

Money Counts

Measurement Relay

Graphing Similes

3. Social Studies
Home Sweet Home

Visualizing Democracy

Relationship Hoops

"Did You See That?"

Families on Target

4. Science
Pasta Challenge

Natural or Human-made

Turn on to Technology

What's in the Jar?

Whales and Sharks

5. Physical Education and the Arts
Color Changes Everything

What's In a Name?

We've Got the Beat

Acting Out in Reading



“The different grade levels and approaches of these workbooks make them a top pick for any library strong in classroom workbooks and activities for teachers. Each workbook holds some 96 pages of projects, with fill-in blanks and ideas perfect for photocopying and classroom use. All are outstanding workbooks that teachers will appreciate.”

California Bookwatch, March 2008
Midwest Book Review

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