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101 Stunts for Principals to Inspire Student Achievement

101 Stunts for Principals to Inspire Student Achievement

February 2005 | 168 pages | Corwin
A fun and functional guide for school leaders who want to encourage and inspire student achievement, this book offers 101 "stunts" to copy, accompanied by case studies that will make the stunts come to life.

Frank Sennett guides the teacher through choosing a stunt, involving the whole school in the process, and finally, carrying out the stunt successfully. He scores each "stunt" in a variety of ways so that teachers can easily see what fits in with what they want their students to achieve. In addition, he ties "stunts" to specific discipline areas.

This book is a great reference and a kick-start for teachers looking for creative ways to be a part of the achievement process.

About the Author
Introduction: Take the Motivational Stunt Challenge
1. Stunt Pros: Making the Case for Motivational Stunts
2. Set Up for Success: How to Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Motivational Stunt
3. Silly Suggestions, Boffo Blueprints, and Idiotic Ideas: 101 Stunts That Will Motivate Your Students to New Academic Heights
4. Don't Try This at School: How to Avoid a Stunt Gone Wrong
5. Alert the Media: How to Generate Positive Press for Your Stunt

This is an excellent book to use as a quick reference to help brainstorm creative ideas to inspire students.

Jan Griffin, Assistant Principal
Ocean Springs Middle School, MS

I enjoyed the fun conversational style of writing, the sense of humor, but also well thought out structure, thorough planning, and that everything was linked to academic improvement.

Caryl Thomason, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
Cheyenne Mountain District 12, Colorado Springs, CO

Contrary to popular belief, school can be fun. Frank Sennett's motivational stunts provide examples that make learning an enjoyable experience. These humorous suggestions challenge and encourage students to succeed. Principals can choose a stunt level that they are comfortable with and go from there. Let the adventure begin!

Gerald N. Tirozzi, Executive Director
National Association of Secondary School Principals

Hard work is the engine that drives my students to success, but it is the fun we have together that fuels the tank. 101 Stunts for Principals to Inspire Student Achievement is the fuel that will help power my students to even higher levels of achievement.

Bill Cecil
Michigan Teacher of the Year 2003-2004

“I find this book to be comprehensive, helpful, and a creative tool for educators.”

J. Victor McGuire, Instructor/Corwin Author
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Chapter 1: Stunt Pros

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